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Wickedness!! Newlywed Lawyer Allegedly Cuts Wife’s Ear With Pliers

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A newlywed lawyer Nonso allegedly cut his  Nwogo‘s ear with pliers.

The couple just got married a year ago – in December 2014, and they have a four month old baby boy. The photos are all on his Instagram page – click here.

On the 16th of November, the recently ran to a police station as bits of her ear were dangling, after she said her came after her with pliers. He attacked her because she had reported his incessant abuse to police.

*WARNING – click here for the graphic photo.*

According to Nwogo’s friend, Nonso had been a$$aulting her before and during her pregnancy, and she hoped the abuse would stop after the baby was born but it didn’t

The girl carried the pregnancy for 9 months in agony and threats but we thought after delivery he will amend his ways. She had hoped things would change for the better but not until their baby boy, arrived. The day she was discharged from hospital, after a operation, he beat her, locked her up and used a knife to stab her.

But she escaped and ran to to report. He was invited but refused to honor their invitation. He later a$$ured them he will show up and was cautioned to maintain maximum peace till he shows up. Eventually, on the 16th of November, he cut her ear with pliers for reporting the abuse she was facing.

According to reports, the lawyer was summoned to the police station but has not shown up yet.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com | Source: Nairaland.com


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