Westlife – The Love Songs




Genre : Hip-Hop

Release Date: 13/12/2014

Size: 138MB


    1. 1. Unbreakable – John Reid, Andy Caine

2. Mandy – David Arch

3. Swear It Again

4. Fool Again

5. The Rose

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6. World of Our Own

7. My Love – Stockholm Session Orchestra

8. More Than Words

9. What About Now – London Session Orchestra

10. I Wanna Grow Old with You

11. Something Right

12. Total Eclipse of the Heart

13. Us Against the World

14. You Raise Me Up

15. Let There Be Love

16. When You’re Looking Like That


Due to copyright we are not allowed to upload it…  Get it HERE on iTunes


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  1. sir peter says

    All izz well

  2. Okosodo Goodness says

    To me, west life is the best blues ever… bravo guys…

  3. Okosodo Goodness says

    really nice… good job bro..

  4. Gabriel Murphy says

    I so Much cherish Westlife songs. i thought no one could ever understand what Love actually is, but Thank God for Westlife.
    I rate you guys best in blues.

  5. Adebiyi says

    West life are the best

  6. Horlamilekan Debayo says

    Love u guys……

  7. Solomon B says

    I love west life guy God bless u all

  8. Tolumazt says

    I love u guys so very much westlife

  9. amazingwest says

    I have never seen a great singers like this team.i have never love music like their songs….For me they are the best at what they do@WESTLIFE

  10. by Christian Israel says

    no one that has ever love this guys like I do, as for me I love westlife so much the are the best.I wish to be like them…. may the lord continue to bless them with many more songs.

  11. okoson isaac says

    you guys are wonderfully made

  12. jade says

    i love westlife wise u guys all d best

  13. godia slexy says

    Your comment…music gives me life and it is your song.may God inspire you guys,I love west life,God bless you for me.

  14. Anonymous says

    nice one

  15. manswizzy says

    nice one

  16. mad says

    Your comment…nice one

  17. Anonymous says

    Your comment…I love music especially westlifes

  18. jamila says

    Your comment…ur songs are cool. love it

  19. Dagogo says

    Your comment…i feel love each time i listen to ur music, also makes me feel relax

  20. sologaxy says

    I love your songs, it really inspires me

  21. JAMES ADE. says

    Westlife is more than wonderful.

  22. Anonymous says

    Your comment…westlife is de best I love u all

  23. miswar abubakar yunus says

    Your comment…I like your songs more than you expect

  24. FirstSilas says

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  25. okezie says

    Your comment…I want to be like u guys

  26. Onyema says

    Your comment…you people are awesome and I love you guys

  27. Onyema Omaka says

    Your comment…I love you guys

  28. Joshua Amos says

    weslife is the music I can do without I love you guys keep it up

  29. Tommy says

    West life you are my lifeYour comment…

  30. Georginho says

    Your comment…i so much love their songs because they are the best in blues. love you guys

  31. STANLEY says

    Your comment…u guys are the best

  32. Queen zee says

    U guys ar super good keep d good job going…. d sky is ur limit

  33. Joseph says

    Your comment…Westlife is my best love song artist,i love u westlfe..ur songs brings me bck wen am almost geting lost..my top five is swear it again,what makes a man,my love,fool again and soledad..

    1. mcheal says

      how can i download west life

  34. George says

    Your comment…since I was born,am searching the word love but now I found out the meaning by these lovely,pretty,and handsome guys. you guys are really great, I pray that God will continue to bless you guys with beautiful voice, i love you guys.

  35. Anonymous says

    Your comment…i love ur songs,

  36. Wisdom Michael says

    Wow! I love this compilation

  37. johnmartins legacy says

    Your comment…i really love your song and is my best music

  38. sheila thomas says

    Your comment…my first music, and best of all I ever had, more money in your wallet,

  39. Jonny Dominic says

    Needed listing to it in my blue’s music files.


    Your comment…I love west life music’s so much, I love to here there songs at all time,keep on with your good music’s

  41. Queeniesmartys says

    I really love all westlife musics its so inspiring.
    but i don’t know why i can’t download some of them anymore
    like i swear,why do i love you, safe,somebody needs you etc.
    Please is there a site that i can find it cause its no more on waptrick.

  42. Queeniesmartys says

    Your comment…I really love all westlife musics its so inspiring.
    but i don’t know why i can’t download some of them anymore
    like i swear,why do i love you, safe,somebody needs you etc.
    Please is there a site that i can find it cause its no more on waptrick.

  43. Chinenye okpala says

    Pls where r u guys,it been up to 12 years snice ur last album pls I need u to feel my world again pls my guys,I really really miss u guys,d world has not been d same snice u stop singing

  44. wisdom isaac says

    Your comment…west life is my best an best music.
    an because of that people call me westmanity.am your full fan bro,

  45. Dominic says

    definition of love Is west life how can I download their song

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