Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs That Will Surely Make You Laugh

Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs That Will Surely Make You Laugh


*Man wey Unclad no dey put hand for pocket

loose translation:You can’t do somethings if there are no certain conditions.

*Chicken wey run way from borno go Ibadan go still end up inside pot of soup

loose translation:You Can’t Run Away From Your Destiny

*Today’s newspaper na tomorrow Suya wrap

loose translation:Keep calm! Nothing last forever

*Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America go come back as corn beef

loose translation:Just be patient. Let the game come to you. Don’t rush!

*Akara and moin moin get the same parent na wetin dey pass tru make dem diffrent

loose translation:How you start doesn’t matter,what matters is how you finish.

*Wetin consign agbero with twitter handle,or malu/cow with face cap?

loose translation:Mind your business.

*If life dey show you pepper,my guy make pepper soup from am

loose translation:Make something good out of a bad experience

*I get am before No be property

loose translation: stop living in the past and start living in the present.

*If person too tey for party e go follow dem wash plate

loose translation:Don’t outstay your welcome

*Rolling stone,ofcourse na person push am now!

loose translation:There is always a reason for something

*Craze no hard to form,na the trekking be wahala

loose translation:Easier said than done

*No matter how hot your tempa be,e no fit boil beans.

loose translation:Calm down,your temper won’t solve the problem

*Every mallam with em own kettle,every Northerner with em own radio.

loose translation:Every man for himself

*You no need cutlery to chop slap

loose translation:You don’t need my translation to understand this,lol

*Opolo eye no be open eye

loose translation: Having Big eyes doesn’t make you civilised,lol

*Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus.

loose translation:Give everyone what they deserve.

*Bring suya, bring suya,…….na cow body dey suffer am.

loose translation:Every action has a consequence

*E go better e go better,na im make ibo man still dey Kano

loose translation:When there is hope,there is Life.

*The different between kpekere and plantain chips na packaging

loose translation:Don’t judge based on appearance alone

*Escort me, Escort me, naim slave trade take start.

loose translation:Serious things sometimes start like joke

*[b]Na from play play dem dey form PLAYER

loose translation:Serious things sometimes start like joke

*Pikin wen use agbada take stat guy go talk wetin e go wear wen e old.

loose translation:Slow and steady wins the race

*The water wey dem use take make eba can never be recovered back.

loose translation:Don’t cry over spilt milk

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    lolz…funny buh educating..

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    lol..funny buh true

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    very funny,interesting,educating

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    funny n true

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