Photo Of The Day: A Boy Sucking Milk Directly From A Cow’s B.reast

Staring at this picture above there is no doubt it leaves you with different thoughts, yes it may mean different things to different people, But when we look beyond what wee see and think deep for a better interpretation.

What does this photo mean to you? Does it make you thankful at all to God for your own life?

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  1. Anonymous says

    am so surprise of it ooooooo

  2. gbolas says

    I tenx God 4 dat pix dat does not make drink breast of cow from his body add me on 2go gbolas118

  3. bravo says

    am not surprise cuz I’ve seen it myself

  4. Ak says

    This life is full of what is in it. When you are finking of how ur life is, that is exactly wen u wld see another person’s own and start giving thanks to God. I thank God for everyth I have. coz’ all I can see here is not in normal condition. The cow he is feeding from is not in normal condition talk less of the boy.

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