10 of the Queen of England’s Most Embarra$$ing Moments

The Royal Family is full of interesting characters and fascinating shenanigans. The Queen of is a long-standing matriarch in a society where just about anything goes nowadays. is unique because it has a monarchy, and nothing intrigues us outsiders like a good ol’ embarra$$ing moment within the . From photobombs and a fashion faux pas, we love nothing more than seeing evidence that those rich and famous folks are essentially just like us.

This is a list of some of the most embarra$$ing moments from the Queen of . To be honest, Her Majesty is quite poised and composed; it is hard to find a time when she lacks proper etiquette. Even so, some unfortunate pictures and a few snafus at have led to some pretty funny moments for the Queen. She has been a fixture for British society for decades, and continues to take her job seriously.

Her loyal subjects still have all due respect for Her Majesty, but it is definitely a breath of fresh air to see some average-joe-quality moments from her and her clan. Hopefully this list gives you a nice chuckle or two! We certainly found them amusing, to say the least.


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10. When Her Guards Made Funny Faces at Tourists

Via royalista.com

Via royalista.com

Queen Elizabeth has got to get those young men into shape, on the double! While standing guard outside of the , her men decided to put on a show for some tourists. They broke their usual stoic demeanor, but it was quite hilarious. A photo snapped the Royal Guards sticking their tongues out for the camera. When we go to , we expect to do just about anything to get those guards to crack a smile – all to no avail. So, what a treat it was to see some emotion out of these guys! There were funny faces, smirks of delight, and tongues sticking out of place. A royal riot!

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