Photos: Nigerian Soldiers Protecting Naija Delta Gangs Killed Police Informant, Benson Ogedegbe

nigerian soldier execute benson ogedegbe

How Colonel Aminu Umar Ordered Lance Corpor*l Obinna Of 19th Battalion To Murder Police Informant In Delta state

We just learnt that a military officer in Delta State executed a police informant named Benson Ogedegbe, a resident of Ethiope West Local Government Area (LGA) of Delta State, without trial or just cause. Our sources, including police officers in the area, said Mr. Ogedegbe was on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 shot at close range in broad daylight by Lance Corpor*l Obinna of the 19th Battalion, stationed at the Koko Military Base in in Delta State.

Our police sources said several people witnessed the extra-judicial murder Mr. Ogedegbe early on Tuesday morning.

According to a senior police source, “Lance Corpor*l Obinna carried out this murder on the orders of his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Umar.” Colonel Aminu Umar is also stationed at Koko Military Base. Also present during Mr. Ogedegbe’s extra-judicial execution was one Captain Femi and three other officers.

Several witnesses at the scene told SaharaReporters that Lance Corpor*l Obinna, Captain Femi, and three other military officials stalked Mr. Benson Ogedegbe on an expressway, stopped his car by shooting at it, pulled him out for severe beating before shooting him.

SaharaReporters obtained exclusive photos of Mr. Ogedegbe’s car with its windows shattered by gunfire. “We were there when the soldiers shot at the man’s car,” one witness said.

A source told SaharaReporters that the soldiers pulled Benson Ogedegbe out of his vehicle and beat him mercilessly in front of witnesses. Then he said that Lance Corpor*l Obinna spoke to somebody on a communications device before stepping forward and fatally shooting Mr. Ogedegbe.

A police source told SaharaReporters that Lance Corpor*l Obinna received the order to shoot from Lieutenant Colonel Umar.

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As Mr. Benson lay in a mechanic’s shop dying, a crowd of angry people gathered—spurred at the scene of the heinous act. The five military officers responsible for the murder, including Lance Corpor*l Obinna and Captain Femi, reportedly fled for fear of retaliation by the community. They took Mr. Ogedegbe’s remains to the nearby Delta State University Teaching Hospital.

Two police sources told SaharaReporters that the murder of Mr. Ogedegbe was a deliberate, calculated, and desperate attempt by officers at Koko Military Base to protect the financial interests of gangs operating in the Ethiope West Local Government Area. According to the police, these criminal gangs pay off top officers at the 19th Battalion of the Nigerian Army, and enjoy protection from these military officers.

The primary mission of the 19th Battalion at Koko base is to protect the oil pipelines in the area from theft, sabotage, and damage. However, numerous sources, including residents and police officers, told SaharaReporters the soldiers at Koko Military Base had a history of terrorizing the community with impunity for several years.

Mr. Ogedegbe was described as a trusted police informant who reported on criminal activities in his community.

“He gave us information on the activities of Onos and his connection to members of the 19th Battalion,” one police officer said.

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