10 Tips To Avoid Being Killed By Police In Lagos

In recent years, many Lagos residents have been killed by the police in Lagos. Many of the police shootings that have occurred in Lagos have often been explained away by police authorities as accidental. But Lagosians know that majority of the killings are done willfully only for the police to cover them up.

A few tips could help you avoid being ‘accidentally shot by trigger happy police officer:

1. Don’t argue With a drunken Police officer: There is a saying that a drunken police officer with a gun is time bomb waiting to explode. He can pull the trigger because he does not have the control of his senses. Arguing with any police officer at all is an unwise thing to do. It infuriates a trigger happy officer when angrily confronted.


2.Avoid Late Night Crawling: You can be mistaken for an armed robber and shot by the police who are usually on edge during such nights. Police in Lagos are aware of the danger the face during the wee hours and have itchy fingers on the trigger.

3.Stay Away From Hostile Neighborhoods: The Police in Lagos often patrol hot spots and neighbourhood more frequently than any other place. Places like Mushin, Ajegunle. Bolade Oshodi, and Okokomaiko among others are hot spots. When violent breaks out among rival gangs in such places, police deploys force to calm frayed nerves.

4.Avoid Scenes of Violent Protests: When protests and ma$$ rally becomes violent, police can use any means to stop protesters. In many cases, police have used live bullets to disperse mobs. When that happen, stray bullets knows no bound. It can hit anyone
5.Be Courteous at Police Checkpoints: Most of the killings accidentally or willfully carried out by the police occur in checkpoints . When you arrived at checkpoints manned by stern-faced and edgy officers, be courteous. Greet them warmly and ask about the weather. In the case, they become relaxed. Remember, police are humans too but also fear for their own lives because at checkpoints, anything can happen.

6.Do not drive away when You are Stopped: If you have nothing to hide, why drive away when police stops you on patrol or at checkpoints? If you flee, they may think you have motive or armed. Even if you car papers are not correct, it will be wise to wait and sort it out than ending up in the morgue.

7.Switch on Your Inner Light When You approach a Checkpoint: Be visible when you approach a checkpoint. Switch on your car light before you are told. It gives police the impression that you are a law abiding citizen who is ready to cooperate.


8.Always Carry an Identity Card: An identity card removes an doubt of anonymity from your person. You will be treated with respect.

9. Do Not Tail Gate Police Convoy or Bullion Van: This practice is common with Lagos motorists who are always eager to beat the traffic. Driving behind a fast moving escort of law enforcement agencies exposes you to danger. If you drive behind bullion van carrying money, the police escort may mistake you for an armed robber whom wants to carry out a heist. You can be shot.

10.Don’t Make Mockery of Police officers: Nigerian police don’t look particularly appealing in appearance. There has been complains by Nigerians for police authorities to improve on their welfare. So don’t go out joking about their appearance. It can get them mad.

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