He may have been the dirtiest and most violent player in the game, but he did have great talent.

He has four titles, multiple MVP awards, and three Finals MVP awards.

Ray Allen
Dubbed the best three point shooter in history, of course he is going to be on this list.

He might have been the best pure point guard to ever play the game. His pick and roll with Karl Malone was dynamic to say the least.

Bill Russell
His skill level and circumstances was largely greater than that of Jordan’s, but he still has eleven rings.

He always looked like an old man, but he sure didn`t play like one. Him and Magic dominated the `80s.

The answer may have been one of the greatest scorers in history, with a deadly crossover in his arsenal, and he was on 6`1.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Six NBA championships and the highest leading scoring in NBA history is enough accolades to add you to this list.

In a game full of centers and no rules, he still dropped 100 points which is still impressive today.

Karl Malone
He terrified so many coaches and players due to his
demeanor of scoring whether you liked it or not.

Even though he never really settled one one team, he will go down as one of the best shooters to ever play the game.

You couldn`t stay in front of this fellow for long, and you sure couldn`t turn your back on him. He stole your ball easily and fast.

The greatest Phoenix Sun ever, but he had a great
character you just hated about him.

Magic Johnson
Nicknamed Magic, he could do it all. He could shoot,
finish, defend, and has multiple rings.

The greatest player in the NBA deserves this spot, and there should be no argument.


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