5 Most Shocking Stories About Patience Jonathan (See Photos)

The personality of ’s former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, has sparked pretty much same interest as the one of her husband , during and even after his presidential tenure.

Patience Jonathan

always felt comfortable appearing together with her spouse at important public events. She never missed a chance to campaign for Jonathan, gaining support among Nigerians, especially women’s groups.

She was commenting on the political events, she was going emotional, she was getting criticised, but still remained firmly resolved about her views and actions.

Even now, weeks after the official power transition from to , people keep talking…

We are recalling the most scandalous rumours about . With some of them it is clear they are far from truth, with the others – we can be only guessing.

1. was humiliated at the airport

The recent story which went viral suggests that Patience Jonathan suffered in the hands of the PH airport security operatives and aviation officials as she was prevented from entering the VIP lounge of the airport.

An alleged eyewitness narrated the incident, saying that the security insisted that they were acting on orders from Abuja.

2. Ex First Lady owns expensive mansion in

patience jonathan mansion

A tweet dating back to June, 2015, provides that has a magnificent huge house built in the Rivers state capital. The construction was reportedly completed just before the elections.



Surely, the information sparked interest, especially now, amid ’s claims that his administration is resolved to probe the corrupt officials of the immediate past administration.

Some Nigerians accuse of being involved in funds embezzlement schemes.

3. Mama Peace has serious health issues

In February of the year 2014 it “transpired” that Jonathan’s wife had been secretly hospitalised in a German hospital. The information went so viral, that even the senior politicians started demanding for the clarification from the presidency.

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’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan has appeared in public to dispel media reports that she had been flown out of  for urgent medical treatment.

Later on Mrs Jonathan stepped out of to douse recent rumours about her health.

It is a typical situation for : when popular personalities are missing in public for some time, such absence becomes a newsbreak. Recall the many times the APC presidential candidate Buhari traveleld outside and was rumoured to have been admitted to hospitals over alleged sicknesses a$$ociated with his age.

4. And again about property

In 2013 published an exclusive story that the First Lady was allegedly building a world cla$$ billion naira hotel in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel1

Apart from this, the photos of the ma$$ive family compound of the Jonathans in Otuoke were attached…

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel2

Interestingly, already in 2015 reports under the headlines “’s hotel” emerged, with the luxurious photos of .

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel6

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel5

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel4

Patience Jonathan Yenagoa hotel3

5. The First Lady is dead

Fortunately, not true, so was the poor health rumour. Still, the 2012 articles on the matter got people seriously nervous. Unconfirmed reports, which allegedly leaked from Aso Rock sources said that Patience Jonathan might have died. The rumour, however, seems to have faded away as quickly as it appeared.





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