OPEN FORUM! PUBLIC Schools or PRIVATE Schools, Which will u choose over and over again?

PUBLIC  Schools or PRIVATE  Schools

(Public Schools claim to have better orientation) and (Private schools sincerely have better and intensive learning)

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Hint: Education is about Learning tho! But not just al about academics but some mor*ls too… Nw I’m **confused**


Any Time- Any Day
Which will u choose over and over again?


Drop comments…

  1. koleex says


  2. Anonymous says


  3. Farzin says

    Omg! Can’t you see the name, dz one na private and the other one na everyone school (public) me I prefer private oo

  4. Anonymous says

    Your comment…public school anytime anyday

  5. Name says

    Omo na public school sure pass ooo

  6. julius says

    public school

  7. Gentle says

    Public school,most of public teachers are NCE,DEGREE HOLDERS,etc but private school teachers are mostly secondary school graduates.

  8. Anonymous says

    Public school ni

  9. maximiano says

    public school

  10. dre san says

    Your comment… for me ooo na public cus the best student of this country comes from public school tho public school has its own disadvantages a lot of them bt a single intelligent student can wreck a whole universe of a citadel of learning. for example those govs of 2day most of them went to public school. students that always wins a day gov in Lagos state comes from same place

  11. Anonymous says

    public skul sure pass lyk madin

  12. Anonymous says

    Public for sure

  13. Bayonet dah spirit says

    In nigeria of ours….i subcribe to the fact that private schools is the best, but overseas countries infact u cant dinstinquish private from government owned colleges.

  14. sunny says


  15. T.Jaino says

    Public noni

  16. Anonymous says

    Your comment.. private

  17. Sani says


  18. omotizi says

    omo na only 4 public pple plenty and na only for public wey happenings dey rock guy….PUBLIC for ever

  19. bellolek says

    choose a public? Unless m mad,private is d best,wen i knw wat public has don to my life.

  20. lekan says

    Na public skul u make yr waec.

  21. Nero says

    Omo na public skul go open ur eye wella

  22. Nero says

    Omo public skul go open ur eye wella

  23. micheal chris says

    bublic joooor.

  24. e0pixo says

    Public go open ur eye, u wil knw watzup

  25. anonymous says

    Your comment… ohhmo public skool pass no matter how ….is jas d bst…n bst teachrrs ..olso..

  26. Anonymous says

    sori to say! all of u ar just shouting public skul! listen, u can’t compare public skul in d olden days to dis generation wi ar nw! OK y all dos big ppl dat went to public skul den don’t put dere children into public skul now! so nt to beat abt d bush private skul is d best for dis generatn wi ar nw!!! tanx!!!

  27. mr oju says

    Na public sure pass 4 nw oo

  28. Anonymous says

    In this generation we ar now, I think is private school

  29. Anonymous says

    public is the best to me bcus name there tins dey happen

  30. hip says

    Your comment…puplic

  31. danny says

    private till I die..

  32. says

    Private always…

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