15 Millionaires That Committed Murder

It’s funny. When you tithing of having of millions of dollars, you think of a slew of opportunities that you can now have access to. Big houses, fast cars, love…it’s all yours! But do you ever see yourself becoming a psychopathic millionaire murderer? Well clearly nobody does, except for these people.



The son of an ultra-wealthy New York entrepreneur, was arrested for killing a woman called Susan Berman. As if to add to the horrifying mystery of it all, has been involved in many cases of disappearances of teenage girls.



Millionaires work hard – we get that! But what we don’t get is killing over stuff. noticed that a man called Jack Reid had snuck into his abode and began stealing things. Instead of phoning the police, Brooks had Reid killed by the way of sledgehammer.



Love and marriage are a strange mix that rarely works.  was an American millionaire whos problems are rooted in his Lucy’s secret affair. The two fought constantly over money and Lucy’s affairs. During their last violent argument Harold picked up a knife and stabbed Lucy to death.



Heir to the family fortune, ruined his life by murdering the Olympic gold medalist wrestler in 1996. It may have been about insanity, really. John showed disturbing behavior and believed that Schultz was a CIA agent.  John was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and was denied parole twice, were he died in prison on 2010.


11. Bob Ward

It all comes back to Florida, doesn’t it? A real estate developer and millionaire in Florida,  ward’s millions came to an end after he was convicted for killing his . He tried to cover it up by saying that she had killed herself. He lied and got a life sentence.



Not to be confused with the EDM mogul, was the son of a wealthy businessman. In the throes of divorce with his , Harris didn’t want to lose his fortune and instead murdered his to avoid divorce settlement. He was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

8. Allen Blackthorne

Another case of murdered spouses. A Texas millionaire who fought for divorce and full custody, he had his wife killed by one Jose Luis Del Toro Jr. Both the killer and Blackthorne were arrested with a life sentence.

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7. Haissam Safetli

It’s even more depressing when the millionaire is young. Safetli was a millionaire at by his mid-30’s his a$$ets was around $50 million. He killed a man for reasons unknown in front of his own son. Though an interesting side effect, Safelti got off with only 6.5 years of prison.

6. Freddie Young

Way back in 2011 an Australian real state developer–Greg McNicol was gunned down outside his apartment in Detroit by the father of the woman involved in a recent confrontation over an unsettled rent pay. Ironically, Young was a millionaire but because he was too cheap to pay his rent, he died.

5. Lyle and

Why would anyone ruing their chances of being a millionaire when they didn’t even have to work for it is beyond us. The children of abusive parents, Menendez brothers killed their parents and made it look like a burglary. They would have gotten away with it had it not been a slip up with a psychiatrist that gave them up.


4. Michael Skakel

Born to a wealthy family and with political ties, Michael said “I’m going to get away with murder. I’m a Kennedy”. As if that meant anything, right? This statement very quickly blew up in his face when he was convicted for killing Martha Moxley one October 1975. He was eventually found guilty of murder.

3. Adrian Prout

Adrian Prout was a ma$$ively wealthy land owner who lived a pretty uneventful life for a long time. Until, that is, he confessed to the authorities over the murder of his wife Katy.He strangled her to death and buried her somewhere in a large acred field.

2. Jayson Williams

To be fair, this murder was strictly an accident. When touring his home with colleagues, Williams was recklessly playing with a shotgun when it went off and killed his driver. The only upside to the horrid affair was that more people were present at the moment so he was able to get acquitted with “only” 18 months.



And finally, we come to a person who’s horrifying in more ways than one. , a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and pioneer of the Wall of Sound technique, Spector murdered a woman called Lana Clarkson and was sentenced to 19 years in prison.


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