Obsessed Ronaldo fan spends thousands to look like him (See Photos)

That is obsessed fan Shanto Ronaldo from with his ultimate idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only did Shanta adopt the surname Ronaldo, he’s also spent thousands of dollars juet to look like Cristiano. The 17 year old has also started copying Ronaldo’s fashion sense, including his hairstyle.

Shanta attends matches and practices and then waits for hours outside just to get a glimpse of his hero. One day, he managed to take a photo with Ronaldo himself, who now knows him.

“My obsession for Cristiano is enormous. The reason I wanted to get a life like him is that he is rich, famous and living the life! I’ve met him for a couple of times and I can’t explain such a fantastic person he is. I waited every day at the training ground from 9am to 2pm just to see him .Now, he knows me it means every time I go to Madrid I can meet him, which I am so proud of .I’m already planning my next trip which is very soon. He’s not just my pa$$ion, but he motivates me. Some may think I’m crazy, but that’s the way I am. People tell me, ‘be yourself’ but I cannot be myself more than I am now.” he said


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  1. Damilare c.podolsky says

    Your comment…I like d way you act…am a footballer i wish to be like him

  2. Anonymous says

    Your comment…u no get hand work

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