Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops 2015

Many people want to buy the best gaming laptop that is suitable for their needs. There are some high quality gaming laptops that are available today. Different products may have their own features and benefits. Here are some recommended products that you can choose easily.

Best Gaming Laptops 2015

10. Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

This gaming laptop is equipped with a lot of features for all users. It comes with i7 processor that can provide high performance system. This device is also equipped with 16 Memory RAM. This capacity is very useful to improve the overall performance of this device.


9. iBuyPower Battalion

Some people may want to consider using this gaming laptop. It comes with i7 processor. When you purchase this product, you can enjoy high quality screen that is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce graphic card. Its 256 storage space is able to store all interesting games.


Don’t forget to consider using this device. This powerful laptop is very suitable for your gaming purposes. It comes with Windows 8 operating system that is stable. It is very famous for its large storage capacity that is more than 800 .

7. Alienware 17

Many people want to purchase the best laptop from Alienware. This is one of the best gaming laptops from Alienware. It is a great laptop that comes with some interesting features, such as i7, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce, and also 256 GB internal storage space.



This is another recommended gaming laptop that you can choose easily. It is equipped with Intel Core i7 that can work perfectly. Its 14 inches screen can display high quality images or display. This is a lightweight laptop that weighs only about 4.1 lbs.

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5. Origin EON17-SLX

Some people are interested to purchase this product because of its performance. It comes with ample storage space that is about 900 GB. It is equipped with 16 GB RAM, so you can use this device for playing your favorite game easily.

4. GX70

is very popular for its high quality laptops. You can see a lot of types of gaming laptops that are offered by this company. This version is believed to be one of the best gaming laptops today. Its 17.3 inches screen is supported by the AMD Radeon HD system. You are able to enjoy high quality processor.

3. GX60

This is another great product from MSI. This gaming laptop has a lot of happy customers. It comes with powerful processor with AMD A10 system. You can use its ample storage space that is about 750 GB. You can enjoy watching the screen of this laptop easily.

2. CyberPower FangBook

It is equipped with some great features, such as Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz processor system. Its Windows 8 operating system is very stable for any games. You don’t have to worry about its weight. It only weighs about 8 lbs. You can enjoy large storage space that is about 800 GB.

1. Alienware 18

This is believed to be the best gaming laptop today. Many people are interested to use this product. It comes with NVIDIA GeForce graphic card. This laptop is very powerful with Intel Core i7 and 2.8 GHz processor speed. Its storage space is about 1250 GB. Therefore, you can install any games in this laptop easily.

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  1. Torque says

    Alienware is too damn expensive. . Way over 400k

  2. Gamer says

    None of them costs less than 200,000 naira

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