5 Boring Departments In Nigerian Universities


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After visiting some Nigerian higher institutions of learning in recent times, I discovered that the ‘boring’ phenomenon still exists.

Below are some of the departments.

1) Department of Religious Studies: often times when I walked pa$$ed this department to my faculty, I couldn’t help but wondered whether it is a grave yard since the whole place would be so quiet. The students are not usually much too and they always have this facial expressions of ‘Na wa…na me dey study this one’…’Abeg, I don tire for life sef’…’Na make e no be like say we no go school’. You hardly hear any campus news from this department too! I wonder what graduates from this department do because I haven’t seen any of the religious studies graduate during my time yet!!!

2) Department of Agricultural Science: The value or importance of agriculture in cannot be over-emphasized but the way most Nigerian students see this course has made it to become such a boring department that most students on campus look down on with dismay! Most guys who find themselves in this department/faculty, sometimes, feel inferior to approach babes in departments/faculties such as Law and Medicine because they always erroneously think that the babe would look down on them! grin. dey always carry last for my university faculty championship competition! grin. That inferiority mentality still dey affect them!

3) Department of Philosophy: Another boring department! I once thought of students in this department having a quiet room where they sit and reason for hours as part of their semester exams!!! cheesy. I told a friend and he almost laughed his head off!. Na for this dept dem go tell you say the spirit of God dey everything, so you fit address a cup as God! It’s such a quiet department.

4) Department of Secretarial Studies: I don’t think most of the secretaries in many establishments studied this course to work as a secretary. This department is hardly known and heard of on campus. It is mostly patronised by a handful of rural girls from neighbouring communities who dress like Mary-Amaka!

5) Department of Geography/Regional Planning and Urban Development: Another boring department! I don’t think they ever held any event such as departmental/award night till I left school! It is a nice course but boring department in most Nigerian schools!

In essence, I think it is the mentality of the Nigerian society that has ‘inferiorized’ (I wonder if such word exist in English) these departments and the students under them.

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