Reasons You Should Never Force A Relationship On A Lady


This ‘letter’ has two purposes: To Warn and to Advice.

The Warning Part
A friend once told me of how a guy was pestering her life with all manner of suggestive texts and suspicious gestures, trying to her into an unscrupulous relationship.

I was pissed because my dear was being threatened and more pissed because he was ignorantly stubborn hoping he could date someone like my friend- who’s got mor*ls.

Some guys of today, go around with the malicious mindset that the size of their manhood can substitute the size of their “mindhood”. Simply put: Don’t build your life around No girl- It’s not worth it. Build around a worthy goal and all these other things shall be added unto you It’s plain illiteracy to go after a girl that way!


This is like the body of this thread; REASONS YOU SHOULD NEVER YOURSELF ON ANY GIRL, in view of a relationship.

Quickly, let’s see a few:

1. All ladies are the same

I’m not on the contrary… You see, it beats my imagination how guys move from one girl to another, does she have a different ‘privy part’ from the other girl? Because, that’s the major reasons guys cheat. Don’t yourself on any girl because there is so much more than meets the eye, so carefully take note of the nuances and unspoken words, body movements and gestures. Break Up is an unnecessary evil.

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2. We are told to Approach and not to Encroach

In my little time around ladies, whether friends or crushes; I’ve discovered that you could actually be encroaching thinking you are approaching. Before getting too involved, be sure it’s not in vain. “Years Of Friendzoning Makes A Guy Look Like He’s Been Duped”
Approach her if you like her. When you discover her heart is elsewhere, dump her.

3. Girls Need Guys More Than Guys Need Them

Am I quoting Scriptures here? Before someone calls me a chauvinist, the Bible spoke about, in the , it will be seven ladies to just one guy. Take it or leave it, girls wish they could ask guys out . For many reasons; Protection, Financial a$$istance, Warmth, Leadership, Companionship etc. Guys, don’t FORCE yourself on any lady, whosoever please.

4. It Sends The Wrong Signal

Trying to get her to like you in a short period of time sends the opposite message. Good intention, yea, but it sends a “” to her. Not FORCING yourself on any accords you some form of honour and avoid insults too.

5. The “You Forced Me Into This Relationship” Speech May Surface.

If you didn’t understand the rest points, at least grasp this point, don’t FORCE a girl into your life and family. If you FORCE her to come, you’ll do same to get her to stay. Fine or Average-looking, they’re the same; same $exual parts! In fact, let her make the choice of choosing you without any coercion from anyone.

Forcing a girl into a relationship with you is plain stup*dity. Who says you can approach?
You can but don’t use the law of Force saying, “If I don’t have you, I’ll die”— Lielie, is your name Laila?

To me, state your aim for getting close to her, watch her reaction for days. React based on those figures.


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