Top Nigerian Musicians With Expensive Fleet Of Cars (See Photos + Cost of Each C

This list comprises of Nigerian A list Musicians who don’t joke


with their ‘’ and they are ready to spend any amount to acquire them…..After all is their money., abi na your money?…lol

Most of these guys started from ground level or from nothing but work hard to get to where they are today

and trust me they know how to spoil themselves because ” they work hard and then ball hard”.

They don’t drive in heaven, good are made here on earth to be used by man….so guys whatever you are doing now keep at it till you can spoil yourself with good things here on earth.

So how about you inspire yourself and enjoy the list we compiled of your favorite Nigerian artistes and the expensive fleet of they own.

1. Davido
One of the most popular celebrity on our list is one who has quite a fleet of in his garage.
The “Aye” crooner, who has a flair for luxurious living reportedly has over six exotic vehicles.
The super star has a
1. Mercedes G-Wagon worth N30M- $150.8k
2. 2015 Range Rover Sport SUV worth N35M – $175.9
3. 2012 Audi Q7 worth N10M – $50.3k
4. Chevrolet Camaro worth N6M – $30.2k
5. 2012 Honda accord worth N5M
6. Porsche Turbo worth N22M – $110.6k

2. Olamide.

If it isn’t the himself! With a of his own, one can only expect the YBNL CEO to
be at the top of his game when living an exotic life.
Just on the Christmas Eve of 2014, the “Bobo” crooner got himself two expensive vehicles to celebrate Christmas.

What a stylish way to do that!

Olamide has a
1. Range Rover Sport worth N13M – $65.3k
2. Mercedes G-Cla$$: worth over N20M (Est.) – $100.5k (Est.)

3. MI

He wouldn’t be called “The Chairman” if he couldn’t afford the life of a chairman, would he?
Jude Abaga AKA MI (Mr Incredible), is one short black man who co-owns the Chocolate City Music Label alongside, .

The Chairman was in the news in 2013 when he got himself an expensive Bentley… He acquired a Bentley as at that time! A Chairman indeed.
Alongside his Bentley, which is worth N36M – $180.9k MI has a Mercedes G-Wagon N30m – $150.8k

4. Flavour
My, My, My… The hottest, the Ladies man, controversial yet perfect gentleman on our list. MR FLAVOUR PON THE DANCEHALL! Lol… i had to say that.
From Living with a plausible amount of dogs to having the cutest of baby mamas, the finest house and of course, expensive cars.

The “Ololufe Mi” singer really doesn’t look like a car freak but he’s a dude, it’s in our DNA.

Flavour has a

1. Mercedez Benz G- Wagon worth N25M –
2. BMW X6 worth N30M – $150.8k
3. Land Rover.


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5. Iceprince.

That fashionable gentleman who hails from the Chocolate City Music label. If only our list was on the Top Most Fashionable celebrities, I’m pretty sure that Panshak Zamani would have topped the list. The BET Awards winner is one who has one of the hottest girlfriends in the Industry and also, luxurious cars.


He has a
1. Bentley GT Coupe Worth N36M – $180.9k
2. Range Rover Sport worth N13M – $65.3k
There was a time when it was said that the Super Star had a Lamgborghini … but we’ve never seen him cruise in that, so … not added! Next please!

6. Kcee
Mr E-Money II. This artiste right here has one of the most inspiring stories when it comes to making it in the music industry.I wouldn’t want to waste your time telling you the details of how he came to limelight but i can tell you it was a rough road according to him.

It’s only right that after such hard work and perseverance, you help yourself with the finest things in life… one of which … are cars!

The Limpopo star has a
1. Range Rover Sport worth N18M –
2. BMW X6 worth N11M –
3. 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon worth N35M –
4. Escalade worth N20M (Gold Cover – N597k) – $100.5k ($3k Gold Cover)
5. Bentley GT worth N30M –

7. .There have been reports that this super star is slowly fading from the entertainment industry, a die-hard fan once wrote an open letter to him, explaining this to him.

I slightly oppose this motion though but if there’s one thing i know is not fading from … It’s CARS! Lol.

has a
1. Bentley worth N45M –
2. Porsche Panarema N15M –
4. BMW X6 N11m

8. Iyanya.The Kukere master! He came into limelight after winning the first ever MTN Project Fame West Africa and since then …

This dude has been balling! No kidding! It was just recently he celebrated buying a new house with his friends. His recent addition is a Brand new Bentley.

Applaudise Crooner has

1. Two Range Rover Sport

2. Mercedes Benz

3. A Bentley

9. DBanjI hope it’s not offensive that i call him a Ni**a, at least, he called himself that in his song … DBanj! The CEO of DB Records is a rich NI**A! No excuses please.

The amount of awards this brother has is enough to help his generation unborn… Right? Lol.

Though there might have been controversial yet embarra$$ing stories of how he was once upon a time bankrupt but with his exotic vehicles, it’s almost hard to tell if he could run bankrupt… Just saying.

DBanj has a …
1. Aston Martin Vantage N32M –
2. Mercedes Benz SL 500

I’m sure y’all know him as yeah? And I’m sure you know he heads his own , MAVIN?I’m also positive that y’all know that he is a DON… and for one to be a Don, you need to have what it really takes to be one… quite a number of things though … one of them ? CARS.

The Don has a
1. Bentley N30M –
2. .4M –
3. Escallade – N11.2M
4. Range Rover Sport N9.6M

11. Timaya
This brother is said to have a pa$$ion for auto mobiles and it’s most definitely okay for him to spend his money on them, afterall, it’s not easy to be a plantain seller and all of a sudden be a guru in the Nigerian Music Industry… it takes hard work! Hard work forever pays… and in Timaya’s case, it has paid quite a fortune.He has a Bentley Continental GT Coupe
1. Mercedes G Wagon
2. 2015 Lexus Suv

12. PSquare.
The PSuare brothers are well known to have a flair for luxurious living. Having houses both in and outside of the country, The Okoye Brothers sure have some possessions that costs quite a fortune… not only houses though, they also have cars. Compacting both brothers together, they have a1. 2014 Wrangler
2. BMW X5
3. 2014 Bentley GT

To mention but a few … these dudes are loaded!




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