50 Cent Mocks Rick Ross’s ‘Black Market’ Album Sales


We figured 50 Cent would have something to say about the sluggish first week sales of Rick Ross’s Black Market album.

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Instead of firing off on social media, as has become his habit, 50 applied the shade while interrupting an interview on his Thisis50radio.

Is that a rock or a brick,” 50 joked, after reading that Black Market had only sold 34,000 as of Wednesday night. Then 50 suggests that at least 15,000 of that meager total came from Ross’s label buying up copies.

Initial projections (which include streaming) have Black Market moving between 55 and 60K first week. While that is a pretty poor showing for a major artist, it’s still better than the 47K Fif’s last album, Animal Ambition, did.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFOwsDHX2hk&w=520&h=293]

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