Breakup Series: I Have Yet To Get Over It – Toyin Aimakhu’s Story


Love is a beautiful thing and no man who has ever encountered it has left the same as he was. It either changes you for the better or it leaves some scars. A man (or woman) in love is always happy to shout it from the roof tops. It seems a difficult feat to hold that beautiful, larger-than-life feeling within you and you just want to let the whole world know what you’re feeling and who or what inspired that feeling. Unfortunately, Love isn’t always a bed of roses… you might find yourself at the other side and the thorns might end up choking and pricking you until you can’t take it anymore. No one wants to believe that their love will turn out wrong so they trust it and vouch for it and sing it out loud for the world to hear.

If you share your love story with tens of people and things go wrong, you could just give a summarized account of the entire story and get your time to heal but if you (the celebrity) repeatedly put up your love story for hundreds… perhaps, thousands of people to see and some things go wrong… then you are left with questions, observations, judgment(s) and most times, conclusions. This was and still is, ’s story. Having followed the unraveling of ’s love story, I reached out to her today and I got a clearer picture of what is and what isn’t. Just goes to show that you can’t ever judge a book by its cover or appearance but by its content.

Toyin got married to on July 18, 2013 after it was speculated multiple times in the media that they were dating. Toyin, never one to stand back, was in love with her , and she was not afraid to let the whole world know (refer to at least 50 of her posts on social media). She sang his praises and her love for him every other day. In her own words, he was her ‘small god’.

ToyinAmidst all the love and support from fans, she received just as much hate and criticism, many people did not understand why she was always on and on about him. While some thought it to be exaggerated and a show-off, others thought it might jinx the relationship. Whatever the case, she didn’t quit her declaration of love. She was happy to take to her social media to thank him for as little as the jewelry that he bought her to as much as his presence in her life and everything in-between. While he was a permanent face on her Instagram, it was not same for him. Again, there were speculations… many felt that the difference in their efforts to declare their love (as it were) mirrored the state of their married life.

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Sometime, last year it was rumored that Toyin and Niyi were separated and had been living apart secretly for a while. There was a lot of negative speculation and criticism towards Toyin at the time. This particular website, naijagist speculated that had given her a ‘love potion’ and it had lost its potency claiming that she was considered a prostitute by Niyi’s family members who were happy to see their brother delivered from ‘spiritual bondage’. Other websites speculated that Toyin’s attitude of ‘bed hopping’ had been revealed and she was now paying for it in her marriage. All of these were concluded with no thought to the human who was being tainted.

It remained a rumor until Stella on her blog, broke the news officially. Her post on her website garnered a lot of attention to the point where close friends and family members got involved and helped mend the relationship. Again, Toyin and Niyi were officially back together and back to declaring their undying love for each other but maybe, just maybe it was not to be…

One thing that said to me that stood out was ‘A lot of things people don’t even know about but they sit and conclude. Initially, I would read comments and I would cry but you know, you just have to be strong because a lot of people look up to you.

I just couldn’t get enough of what she said so I was compelled to getting across to Niyi and let me tell you that there is indeed a lot more to come…

Toyin Aimakhu’s story comes up tomorrow in the next episode of 


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