Unbelievable! Saudi Arabian Hunters Butcher Wolf and Eat it Raw…See Photos+Video

A group of hunters in Saudi Arabia tracked down a wolf and after killing it, they did the unimaginable by eating it raw.

The hunters track down a wolf in a desert in Saudi Arabia and after slaying it, they ate it raw by the road side.
There are several men at the remote meeting point and a number of cars. One is seen eating chunks of raw flesh as they all smile for the man recording the action on his mobile phone.
According to local media, the men killed the wolf in Al Jorfia, near Afif city. The animal is thought to be an Arabian wolf which is critically endangered.
The footage was posted on YouTube and some of those leaving comments have called for the police to look into the case and see if the men have broken any laws. It has now been viewed more than 130,000 times.
See photos and video below…
One of the hunters eating the wolf raw!


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