What Would You Do If Your Child Brought This Home to Meet You From School? (Photo)

A boy came home with a spelling test and his mother was horrified at it. You need to see why.

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A boy came home with the above spelling exercise for year six pupils and the paper which contained the teacher’s very obvious spelling mistakes has gone viral after his irritated mum shared it on Twitter.

The homework task, supposedly designed to help the primary school pupils with their SATS exams, gives a list of six words they are expected to learn to spell, but the teacher seems to be the one who needs the tutorial more than the pupils.

Two words – sincerely spelled incorrectly as “sincerley” and immediately spelled as “immediateley”- stick out as obvious errors.

There was also a typo in the last sentence where the word ‘you’ should read ‘your.’

The unimpressed mum shared the picture online and added the caption: “My son has spellings from school that they want him to learn. I’m currently holding my head and sighing.”

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