Horrifying! Evil Dad Punches 16-day-old Daughter to Death (Photos)

An evil and monsterous father has left many mouths in shock and surprise after details emerged that he punched his infant daughter and slammed her on the floor in a terrible wicked murder.

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Monster dad, Mathew Higham murdered his own infant
Matthew Higham, 23, held his head in his hands as he admitted the murder of his daughter, Florence Liberty Mae last July. The monster dad had punched the 16-day old little girl repeatedly during a sickening attack at their home after the mother had gone to visit a sick friend.
Higham from Stockport, Greater Manchester, pleaded guilty to killing Florence Liberty Mae Higham at Preston Crown Court on the first day of his trial and was slammed 25 years imprisonment for the evil act.
Florence Liberty Mae was barely 2weeks and some days when she was brutally murdered
Prosecutor Mr Gordon Cole QC said the little girl had received “extensive injuries” at the hands of her father after evidence had shown the infant was probably kicked, stamped and slammed on the floor by the moronic father.
Florence was taken to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport but was pronounced dead at 8.38pm on July 29 last year. According to Mr Cole, Higham had made an emergency 999 call at 8.06pm after torturing the infant, reported that his daughter was “bleeding out of her nose, mouth and ears” but denied that Florence had sustained any trauma while with him.
He initially described to police how Florence had begun to bleed as he fed her, before stopping breathing as he tried to deceive police. Higham has maintained that he has no account of what happened or how he caused the injuries which included multiple skull and rib fractures, facial injuries and bruising, resulting in acute brain damage. The innocent baby suffered internal injuries and organ damage including a lacerated liver.
Mr Cole said: “It’s right to say that Florence died as a result of these multiple injuries. Stating the obvious, a newborn baby is completely dependent on parents.

“These injuries reveal the extent of the injuries extending towards Florence by her father. Still there is no account from him as to how he caused these injuries.

“The injuries sustained were extensive and of course would have had no chance of recovery.”
During the case, Higham remained with his head in his hands as Miss Collins sobbed. The court was told that the findings of a post-mortem examination, conducted by Dr Naomi Carter at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, were consistent with repeated punches to the face or repeatedly being slammed against a hard surface.
Florence’s mother was inconsolable as she sobbed in court
Fingertip bruises were also found on the little girl’s arms, legs and chest indicating that she had been “gripped and pinched with considerable force”.
The court heard that Higham had made an attempt to clean the house before emergency services arrived. Blood-stained clothing was found in the dustbin.
He had attempted to exonerate himself through a statement he wrote saying: “I’m not responsible for the death of my lovely little girl Florence. She was the light of my eyes. I have not shook her or dropped her.”
Mr Benjamin Nolan QC for Higham said: “He does not remember the actual events of the killing.”
In passing sentence of life imprisonment with a minimum term of 25 years, Mr Justice Kerr said that the “evil done” by Higham in the “brutal and frenzied attack” was greater than in other cases he had considered.
He added: “You battered her to death, her injuries were horrifying.

“It was a crime of such unspeakable violence it is difficult to understand how any human being could do such a thing.

“You say you do not remember doing it. Whether or not that is true, by your plea of guilty to the murder of your baby daughter you have accepted, very late, that you inflicted those injuries on her with the intention of killing her or doing her really serious harm.”

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