Olamide’s beef with Don Jazzy terminates 8 year relationship


Olamide’s beef with Don Jazzy over the Headies Next Rated awards has come and gone, but for one couple the damage done may be everlasting.

According to an unnamed 33 year old lady, a discussion via Skype with her boyfriend over the whole saga has led to a termination of the relationship that began when she was 25.

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She disclosed the details in an email she sent to popular online blog Stella Dimoko Korkus.

She wrote:

Dear Stella, I have been following ur blog since 2012. Call me a monitoring spirit cos I know everything happening over there but I have never commented. No, I commented once but it wasn’t posted. Lol. So here goes my chronicle. 
I’m 33, by the way. I’ve been dating this guy since 2008. We served together but started dating after service. He left the country in 2008 but we have been dating since then. I’ve had a couple of “serious relationships” but somehow they keep getting messed up and I keep going back to him. He has been awesome and treats me well. He loves and respects me and sometimes I get irritated because he doesn’t have a mind of his own. 
We do anything I want to do, and I’d prefer someone who would make major decisions sometimes. I have visited him a couple of times in the UK. 


So day before yesterday we were skyping and inside the gist he asked me what I think about the Olamide/Donjazzy ish. And I said I think they were both wrong, Olamide shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum and Don J should have just ignored. Boyfriend starts saying Donjazzy is a pretender, etc etc and as far as Olamide has apologized it’s ok. 
I told him not to judge as he doesn’t know what goes on in the life of these people but My crime was to say that saying sorry does not wipe away your f-up as you might say sorry and the person says it’s ok but it doesn’t change what you have done or the pain you have caused. Gbam. 
My guy starts shouting that I am mean and unforgiving. At first I thought it was a joke because we were having a healthy argument till‎ I realised he wasn’t joking.  Like joke he ended the relationship saying he’s not sure he can be with someone who can make a comment like that (saying sorry doesn’t right your wrongs) and went off the line. I’m still confused. 
 I can categorically state that I never disrespected him or raised my voice.  A part of me is finding it funny cos if someone asks why we are not together am I supposed to say we broke up on top of Donjazzy and Olamide argument?
 I called yesterday and all he said was that it wouldn’t work. I can’t apologize for having an opinion but I’m scared. Will I meet someone else? Or am I supposed to remove my heart from a 7 year relationship because of this? I know it sounds unbelievable because people have posted chronicles and I have rolled my eyes and asked myself “who dis one wan lie to”, but it is true. Please post this, Stella, under chronicles or in house gists I don’t even know. I shouldn’t be finding it funny because we were supposed to do our traditional wedding in April. 
Someone Please help me make sense. Am I supposed to beg?
  1. muby says

    d guy was looking fr ur mistake. he intentionally wanted to end things

  2. stan says

    dat guy is paranoid in thinking! I think he needs help if a counselor

  3. Dammy says

    @Muby I had the same feeling.The guy must have been looking for a way to quit the relationship.Crazy Dude

  4. Day ta says

    wch kind relationship b DAT?

  5. t-cash says

    U know what,dont beg him…. his not meant for u…… If his meant for u,he will come back…. Calm down!!!

  6. elliot says

    The guy is immature, go get a man.

  7. Anonymous says

    33yr and u neva marry. Nah wah ooo

  8. Name says

    Gurl dnt be arrogant…tho i tink d guy is mature enuf bt if u still want ur relatnshp back n all u av to do is to beg or say sorry to him, why nt?

  9. Anonymous says

    *i dnt tink d guy is mature enuf i mean

  10. KEViZi says

    I have a friend too who had been looking for a way to end his longtime relationship with his girlfriend just because, according to him, he doesn’t want to deceive the girl by making her believe he is gonna marry her. Immediately she made a mistaken wrong comment to him when they were chatting on phone as you did, he took that as a fault and when he traveled back, he broke up with her.
    I guess someone better is out there for you if surely he is not the one.

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