Tech: How to Selectively Delete History by Specific Topic in Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox store each and every web page you visit on the browser’s history to enhance your browsing experience with recommendations and suggestions. Also, the collected data is used to show you targeted ads. Now, let’s say you were researching on a topic, for example, wireless routers. Google will now show you ads based on this search query.

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The annoying part here is that even after you have completed your research on wireless routers, it will still keep showing you ads related to it.

So, to get rid of these targeted ads you need to specifically delete history related to wireless routers. But, while doing so, you might want some links to stay in the history because they are useful (You can bookmark them too). To do so, you need to selectively delete history by not harming other useful links. Let’s see how you can do it in both Chrome and Firefox.

Selectively Delete History in Chrome

First, let me show the manual way that doesn’t require a Chrome extension. So, the easiest way to manually delete the history of a specific website or topic is to search for it. Go to chrome://history and in the top-right corner you’ll get the search form. Type in the topic or a specific website you want to delete history for.

Now, in order delete, all the results select the first one. Next, hold Shift and select the last one. It will select all the results. Now, you can unselect those that you don’t want to delete. But, this manual method doesn’t give you control over date. For this, you’ll need a Chrome extension.

Delete History of a Specific Date or Time Period

History Eraser is a Chrome extension that gives you additional control on managing history. You can do much more stuff than our regular chrome history manager. But, here I will only show you how to achieve our current objective.

Download the extension and click on the icon in the extension menubar. You’ll get a new window. Now, click on History to access our history content.


Now, scroll down and search for the title you want to clear history for. Next, select the date. Or you can select only the date for clearing date specific history.




You can even export the results as HTML document for future reference.

Selectively Clear History in Firefox

In Firefox, you get native support to clear history of a specific website. Right-click on a link in the History library and you’ll get the option – Forget About This Site. 


One thing to note here is that this option will also delete all cache and form auto-fills related to this website. If you don’t want this to happen, you can use a plugin that will clear the website from the library. But, it will retain the cache and form auto-fills. Download Delete Site History.




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