Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built (Photos)



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Technology has given us lots of things. From iPods, iPads, Macbooks, iPhones to laptops, aircrafts and robots – we have got the items that ease our lives in one way or the other. Some of the robots proved to be terrifying. Here are discussed top 10 most terrifying robots ever built.

10. La Machine Spider Robots

Built by a French art collective called La Machine in 2008, it is a spider robot. Its height is 40 feet and weight is 37 tons. It looks terrifying due to the giant structure. Many of these robots were placed in public in Liverpool, England and scared crowds half to death by shooting out smoke, flames, wind and water from their legs.

La Machine Spider Robots

9. NAO

The NAO is another terrifying in fact horrible robot. These have dexterous hands, and can be used as a platform to run apps on, to respond voice commands and it can perform many other actions. The structure of the robot is very horrible.


8. Animatronic

The Animatronic is an unnamed robotic dancer. It is a creation of New York-based artist Jordan Wolfson. This robot can speak, dance, and perform several functions. It has scary face, aggressive dance moves and looks very odd.



The ASIMO robot’s freaky factor lies in its ability to mimic human beings with great similarity. This robot is fast running and can manipulate objects easily. This responds to voice commands, turns to look at noises, and maps an environment for navigation, still it is regarded as a horrible robot.


6. CB2

Japanese Professor Ishiguro decided to create a four foot tall, 100 pound infant robot. The CB2 is physically giant and bad looking robot. But it has intellectual capabilities of an infant. It is equipped with a child’s voice, which is scary about this robot.


5. Robokiyu

The Robokiyu is another creation of Japan. This is responsible to remove and dispose of dead bodies. This robot draws our attention due to the reason that this can make you unconscious, thanks to its giant structures.


4. T52 Enryu

The T52 Enryu was created in Japan. This robot is designed to deal with natural disasters. It in fact keeps you aware of earthquakes and tsunamis as well as fire or car crashes. This can move heavy objects from one place to another. Also this robot is dangerous because it doesn’t care of any human being while performing its function.

T52 Enryu

3. Titanoboa

The Titanoboa is a gigantic robot, looking like a 50 foot long snake. This features different ranges of motion, micro controllers, automated eyes and jaws that all make it look scary.


2. Bina48

The Bina48 is a social robot that was created in 2010 by Martine Rothblatt. It is a good example of artificial intelligence. The robot is capable to communicate on the topics like politics, religion and technology. It is small but has a human head and shoulders which make it look odd.


1. RoboFly Catcher

The RoboFly Catcher was created in the UK by James Auger. The function of this robot is to control pests. This machine is scary because it is fueled by flesh of animals and debris. If you come across this robot, it is better to stay away from.

RoboFly Catcher

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