Asthmatic Patient Narrowly Escapes Death In Port-Harcourt (Photos)


It happened this evening at around 4:45 pm today 15-02-16 at EMMANUEL SHOPPING COMPLEX opposite diamond bank Rumuokwurusi Port Harcourt.

The young man had a crisis inside the complex and was quickly carried to a good location outside the complex where he could have fresh air. I guess as soon as he had the crisis he indicated that he has an inhaler, as I saw a young man struggling to administer the device on him. However due to ignorance/inexperience he struggled without success. He kept positioning the inhaler in the nose area, kept pressing but nothing came out even though the patient kept opening his mouth to receive the gas.

The more time was wasted, the more the patient was loosing strength and at a point he did not move again.
However someone suggested we buy a new inhaler, and luckily there was a pharmacy very close by. In less than one and a half minute we got the inhaler.

Then someone shouted from inside, put it in his mouth, as soon as we did. The guy got strength from no where, jacked up and threw up everything blocking the airways.

Almost immediately he wanted to stand up, but we had to assist him to sit down and rest against the wall. Then the young man requested for water.

You can see him drinking the water. Showing he is now very conscious.

Trust me, if we had not gotten a new inhaler, if we had kept administering the inhaler in his nose instead of the mouth, I doubt if he would have made it.

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But thanks be to God who helped us to revive this young man.

Note: Experience would have told us that the inhaler had been fully exhausted hence no gas was forth coming, as the part being pressed
remained stiff.
The inhaler was meant to be administered in the mouth and not in the nose.

With this experience, I strongly recommend that asthmatic patients move around with a new inhaler in addition to the one they are currently using, in case the old one finishes, the new one would be handy and highly useful should any crisis arise.

Do you have a similar experience you would like to share or medical experts in this house, lets add a bit to this so as to help this campaign.


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