FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD: M.I Abaga – Illegal Music 3 (Mixtape)

MI Abaga - Illegal Music 3


It’s here, it’s hot, the flows are LEGALLY deeper than you expected. It is the Illegal Music 3 by M.I Abaga.

Track 1 –The Finale – James Blake ‘Retrograde’, Martin Luther King Jr. Produced by MI Abaga.Mixed by GPLUS.
On this track M.I samples inspirational speeches by Martin Luther and couples them with real flows about how how hip-hop needs to reincarnation.


DOWNLOAD  IM3 – The Finale



Track 2 – Everything I Have Seen – Justin Timberlake ’Mirrors’.
The first track off the Mixtape which increase the anticipation expresses nothing but facts about life. But the line: {People left the family and started chatting rubbish // gangsters move in silence // I got shit that I can publish} shouldn’t be ignored.


DOWNLOAD IM3 – Everything I Have Seen



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Track 3 – Black Bill Gates Featuring KhaliGraph Jones – Beyonce ‘Formation’.Produced by MI Abaga.Mixed by GPLUS.
Have you heard ’bout the Black Bills Gates yet? M.I Abaga brings in the mercyless KhaliGraph Jones and the both of them went H.A.M on this track. //I’m like a mutherF**king calendar cause I never take a day off//


DOWNLOAD IM3 – Black Bill Gates

Trac k 4 – All Fall Down Featuring Poe – Leon Else ‘All Fall Down’, Mike Tyson Interview YouTube.Produced and Mixed by MI Abaga & GPLUS.
Gravity is no superstition cause no matter what we All Fall Down.DOWNLOAD IM3 – All Fall Down



Track 5 – NotJustOK/Savage – Burna Boy ‘Soke’,Rihanna ‘Needed Me’,Greg Hardy YouTube.Produced by MI Abaga.Mixed by GPLUS. Short memories you niggers need extra gigs. M.I throws light jab at popular music blog NotJustOk.


DOWNLOAD IM3 – NotJustOK/Savage



Track 6 – Numbers – Pusha T ‘Numbers on the Board’,Kendrick Lamar ‘Blacker The Berry’,Jay Z & Angie Martinez YouTube. Produced by MI Abaga.Mixed by GPLUS. No matter how many you see, they will never be another emcee great as me. M.I separates himself from other rappers in the game with this track.


DOWNLOAD IM3 – Numbers



TRack 7 – Head of the Family – Jay Z ‘Head of the Family’,Kanye West ‘Never let me down’,Vin Diesel ‘Fast and Furious’.Produced by MI Abaga & Ckay.Mixed by GPLUS.
Family over business. M.I reassures his family (team) that he won’t let them down cause he believes they will never let him down.


DOWNLOAD IM3 – Head of the Family



Track 8 – The Box Featuring Pryse & Ckay – Tay ‘The Box’.Produced by MI Abaga & Ckay. Mixed by GPLUS. M.I uses this track to motivate


DOWNLOAD IM3 – The Box Featuring Pryse & Ckay



Track 9 – Sedi – Nina Simone ‘Seems I’m never tired lovin’ you’.Produced by MI Abaga, Mixed by Gplus.





Track 10 – Remember Me Featuring Ruby – Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Free Bird’, Produced by MI Abaga. Mixed by GPLUS.


DOWNLOAD Remember Me Featuring Ruby



Ilegal Music 3 isn’t just another tape; it contains some of M.I Abaga’s deep feelings about the industry



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