Kris Jenner featured in the March 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Photos)

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The 60 year old mother of six opened up on a number of issues, including her regrets divorcing first husband, dealing with her second husband turning into a woman, dealing with haters and finding real time to be with her family when everything they do is on TV. Read after the cut…

Excerpts from her interview.

On regrets divorcing her first husband, late Robert Kardashian

 “I had a wonderful, beautiful life with Robert. He was just an amazing man,” she explains, adding that as she went through the Bruce/Caitlyn thing, she wished she could call him, to have a solid shoulder to lean, or maybe, cry on. “I always wish I could call Robert right now. That’s an everyday thing.”

Does she ever have any privacy, any real time when her entire life is a reality show. And what does it feel like to always be a target/critised harshly?
“Here’s the thing, We have literally millions and millions of fans. I mean, even Kendall and Kylie have 50 million followers on Instagram—apiece. That’s a hundred million people you have somehow touched emotionally, enough to follow you on a social-media platform. And I think with that also comes, you know, haters. But in comparison, like I tell my family, they’re such a small percentage. We wouldn’t be around for 12 seasons as a television show if there was that much negativity.”
On what it’s like when you discover your ex-husband is a woman?
“I think at some point, although it was difficult and, uh, a challenge … I just have to let it go. And try to be tolerant. How? “Prayer. God. You know, just trying to understand. It takes time. But time is a wonderful healer. And we have two children together. It’s important for my kids to see our family strong and united.”
On her perception of herself, as a woman – did she doubt herself, her own femininity?
“No, I never. Thank God, I never doubted myself. I never really doubted my femininity. I just doubted the relationship. You know, ‘What were those 20-plus years all about?’ And I felt like, at some point anybody would feel like, ‘Wow, why was I put through this? For 20 years I could have been, you know, doing something else.’ But I really do believe everything happens for a reason.”

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