Bad News! Boko Haram Captures Military Items From Soldiers in Borno (Photos)

Unofficial reports making rounds on social media reveal Boko Haram has hijacked some military equipment from the Nigerian troops after a recent battle with the soldiers.

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According to reliable reports, here are photos of items captured by the Islamic State affiliates (Boko Haram) from Nigerian troops in Borno State recently.
These photos showing the ‘spoils of war’ from the deadly sect were shared by Terror Monitor, an organization which closely monitors activities of worldwide terrorists groups.
Rumours have it that there is a possibility the losses were recorded in the recent Kareto battle between the insurgents and the Nigerian troops at the northern part of Borno state during which 22 soldiers were injured and evacuated for safety.
See more photos:
  1. joshua says

    Very bad

  2. joshua says

    Bad news

  3. joshua says

    this is brutal

  4. joshua says

    God help to get rid of these brutal boko haram

  5. amazing says

    Damn it

  6. Terence says

    It’s normal na

  7. Terence says

    We expect that to happen

  8. Terence says

    But, wait o, were they slept off?

  9. quadrianho says

    Too bad

  10. quadrianho says


  11. joshua says

    Oga oh

  12. Tobitrueman says

    This is truly bad!!!!

  13. Tobitrueman says

    So sad

  14. Tobitrueman says

    I believe there are bad eggs in the army if you know what I mean.

  15. Tobitrueman says

    This is so bad, truth be told, God will continue to help our soldiers despite these challenges. Amen

  16. adeniyi says

    Really bad news

  17. adeniyi says

    Hmm Boko Haram dangerous

  18. adeniyi says

    Not funny o

  19. adeniyi says

    Boko Haram should leave us in pread the

  20. adeniyi says

    Ok o

  21. adeniyi says


  22. labi says

    Too bad

  23. mayor says

    Bad news indeed

  24. mayor says

    Act of carelessness

  25. Teejay says

    I dont believe

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