Insane Woman Shocks Residents As She Gives Birth To New Born Baby Again (Photos)


A mentally unstable woman has given birth to a bouncing baby girl to the shock of residents at Effiakuma in the Sekondi /Takoradi Metropolis in Ghana. According to reports from residents, this is not the first time the mad woman has given birth in the area…. anytime she puts to bed, some neighours suspected to be her relatives reportedly come for the baby.

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The woman was seen by passers-by -cuddling the baby and giving her some water which is believed was from a gutter, a scene that attracted many onlookers.


  1. Tobitrueman says

    I pray make God help o recover from insanity and the new born

  2. Tobitrueman says

    Good Samaritan, please incase you come across this woman, please render help in any our capacity.

  3. Bamstayuus says

    God is miraculous, without going to any Hospital

  4. Tee says

    God is stil faithful, just believe in him

  5. adeniyi says

    Hmm Allahu Akbar great God

  6. adeniyi says

    Guess nothing is impossible in this world

  7. amazing says


  8. Terence says

    Amazing.. This is strange

    1. Abbay says

      na human being na

  9. Terence says

    And who is the father of the son

  10. Terence says

    Were they able to discover that?

  11. joshua says


  12. joshua says


  13. quadrianho says


  14. quadrianho says

    God is good

    1. Abbay says

      all time

  15. Abbay says

    God is great

  16. Abbay says

    something some rich are looking for

  17. labi says

    Hmm imagine

  18. mayor says

    Yes na @abbay

  19. mayor says

    God is good

  20. mayor says


  21. Teejay says


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