Uganda will arrest Parents who Refuse to Vaccinate their Children

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President of Uganda – Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan government has warned that parents who failed to take their children for compulsory vaccinations would be prosecuted.

A statement released on Monday in Kampala said that under a new immunization law, signed by President Yoweri Museveni, parents or people preventing vaccinations could face fines of 63 dollars or six months in jail.

It said that the country was embarking on a mass immunization campaign against diseases, including measles, tetanus, hepatitis B, polio, diphtheria, yellow fever and whooping cough.

The statement said that the campaign targeted children below the age of five as well as some other groups such as young girls being vaccinated against cervical cancer and young mothers.

Andrew Bakainaga, Immunization Advisor with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Kampala, disclosed that more than 90 per cent of those targeted had already been vaccinated, adding, however, that in some districts, the vaccination coverage “is very low’’.

“If one parent refuses to immunize, hundreds will be infected,” he said.

Bakainaga warned that children who had not been vaccinated could be barred from primary school.

Police spokesman, Patrick Onyango, said that police were apprehending religious sect leaders and other people opposing vaccinations.

Many Ugandans welcome the free vaccines, though some criticize the government’s coercive methods.

Livingstone Sewanyana from the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative said that for any legislation, there was need to strike a balance between rights and duty.

According to him, it is important to ensure the health of the children; however, government should use persuasion method and avoid the use of force. (dpa/NAN)

Photo Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images


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  1. Pelumi says

    funny but is a gud idea

  2. Pelumi says

    funny bt gud idea

  3. Lanre says

    dat d only way people can obey.. nice one

  4. king solomon says

    well it is for the safety of the country

  5. Samuel says

    Its all for Good

  6. king solomon says

    mehn this is serious

  7. Ems. Richard says

    It is ok. Atleast dat wil save d nation.

  8. Ems. Richard says

    Hw I wish it is happening in Nigeria too.

  9. oracle says

    dem wan spread disease…jinger jail dem

  10. Oluwasegun says

    Sey na by force ni……lol

  11. teejay says

    It’s a great idea

  12. yess says


  13. ola says

    Just passing by

  14. Quadrianho says

    Childrens are d leaders of tomorrow

  15. abodunrin Olaide says

    na true yawn now, prevention is better than cure

  16. Peter says

    Dis is d rite tin to do i hope nigeria do d same

  17. Peter says

    Dis is d rite tin to do i hope nigeria do d same…

  18. Terence says

    Funny country

  19. Abbay says

    educate them first

  20. amazing says

    A step in the right direction

  21. Sir-Sharks says

    Thats the surest

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