Check Out 6 Reasons Why Real Estate In Banana Island The Most Expensive


Banana Island, is an area of Lagos Island, grouped under Eti-Osa Local Government Area, situated around Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria 8.6 kilometres east of Tafawa Belewa Square. This wealthy neighbourhood is known for its multi-cultural community and some of the most expensive real estate is found here. If you are searching for the highly influential, wealthy, top shots in town, you should search no further than Banana Island. From Luxurious homes, to stylish houses, beautiful views, with a well regulated commercial area.

If you never heard about the Island, now you know. Banana Island is Nigeria’s most extravagant and expensive neighbourhood which can be compared with the Seventh Arrondissement in Paris, La Jolla in San Diego, California and Tokyo’s Shibuya or Roppongi neighborhoods.
According to Elites Magazine, this amazing island has become the most preferred dwelling place of the rich. Due to how much houses cost in Banana Island, the middle class are left with options like Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikeja GRA and the likes. A first time visitor to this island is welcomed by well laid lawns with beautiful flowers and well paved roads… and to crown it, the untainted environment surrounded by quietude makes it even more adorable and attractive.

The exclusive playground of Nigeria’s obscenely wealthy, Banana Island is an artificial island built on reclaimed land in North-Eastern Ikoyi-Lagos. From an aerial view, the island is actually shaped like a banana, hence its name. Sitting on 1.6 million square meters, the sumptuous island is divided into about 535 plots ranging in size from 1,000 square meters and 3,000 square meters.
Banana Island is a place of unrivalled opulence and grandeur. It’s an entirely different world from other parts of the country.


1) Security
Banana Island is a gated community, meaning exit and entry are monitored, this makes it highly secured. What is luxury if there is no security? Of course terror! Banana Island bridges security gap and optimizes safety for it dwellers.

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2) 24/7 power supply
‘’Nepa don take light’’ is a popular and most common phrase amongst Nigerians due to electrical failure but in Banana Island there is never power failure, if at all, it will certainly last only few minutes and its inhabitants enjoy such luxuries as underground electrical systems, the only other place such privileged is the Nigerian President’s villa (Aso rock).

3) Excellent Clean Water Supply
In Banana Island the water supply networks systems are on point. Not only do they have steady water supply but also well treated water. Those staying around the Lekki axis know it is luxury to have clean water without the harsh odour of chlorine due to the bad filtration process. In Banana Island we can say the filtration process is excellent.

4) Good Road Networks
Good road layout is a major advantage of Banana Island. Most cars owners in Lagos cry day and night about how bad their roads are and how much negative effect it has on their cars but the case is different on this Island.

5) Banana Island is a serine environment
Banana Island has a central sewage system and treatment plant. We all know the importance of green areas and how it helps extract carbon dioxide from our air, well laid out green environment is one major setback with residential areas like Lekki and its surrounding but in Banana Island trees are planted in canopy form to serve as umbrella and to supply fresh air. a central sewage system and treatment plant and the well-cherished company of fellow wealthy folks.

6) Well-cherished company…
.. of wealth folks
Hmmmm need we say more?
Talking of how much a plot of land cost, land in Banana Island goes for hundreds of millions of naira, however in most cases factorizing the size, land goes for billions of naira. Most multinational companies have taken Banana Island to be their regional headquarters.


Written by Blecyn George Monsi

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