[Funny photo]:Face you make when you try not to fart beside your girlfriend

  1. amazing says

    Hahaha guy no go kill yourself o.. Just excuse yourself go run your parole

    1. lad says

      tellam o

  2. Rots says

    Ahahahaha..instead of u to excuse ursef n go to toilet…..lol

  3. Kelvin says

    Hahahaha… So funny

  4. Deji says

    Hehe her to she dey mess now

  5. Tosin says

    I don’t blame u. Do it any convenient time but now when u’re with ur crush

  6. sonystar says

    just go out of DAT place biko!

  7. lad says

    hahaha, if i hear

  8. Sharks says

    Lols he’s in trouble

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