Is This The Policeman With The Biggest Pot Belly In Nigeria? (Photo)

The alleged police man


A picture of a Nigerian policeman has been trending on social media…
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According to social media users in Nigeria, the unnamed policeman perfectly fits the title: ‘biggest pot-bellied police officer’ in Nigeria.
Some commenters however attribute this pot belly trend in the force to the regular intake of alcohol with little or no exercise afterwards…making them unfit for their duties. Another person also said that the size of some of the uniformed men is the reason while there is high insecurity in the country.
Lol! Do you agree?
  1. Tosin says

    Hey! Thats not fair.
    How can u enclose a Police Officer belly to public.

  2. Kelvin says

    Hehehe. See belle

  3. Rots says

    Oboy see belly…ds one ft chase thief so?

  4. Deji says

    Who knows well it’s a dpo no suprise

  5. Sammie says

    this one no fit ooh….he no fit catch thief ..

  6. Cmacs says

    Pot belly in the force? Smh… Wonder what other countries will be thinking of the NPF..

  7. Andokari Mark says

    he’s definitely not the police with the biggest pot belly. I’ve seen worst

  8. Aborisade oluwafemi says

    Lol see belle o.

  9. amazing says

    He should be retired with immediate Allacrity

  10. kehinde says

    chai! naija.. if robber come now, wetin this one go do? where e go run go?

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