More Photos Of The 70-yr-Old Indian Woman That Gave Birth To a Child

he 70-year-old Indian woman who have birth to her first child with her 79-year-old husband has returned home with her newborn son.

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Last month, thanks to IVF treatment, Mrs Kaur gave birth to their son Armaan, making her the world’s oldest first-time mother.

Today, Mrs Kaur and Mr Singh Gill returned to their home in Amritsar with Armaan, showing off their bundle of joy, saying that their life is now ‘complete’.
Hitting out at critics, Mrs Kaur said she was not too old to become a first-time mother with husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, adding they were not worried about the future as ‘God will take care of everything’.

  1. Rots says

    Congrats…hope z bever lost until u die

  2. samoburger says

    Thank God for thier life, congrat.

  3. chidoz says

    God is wonderful.

  4. Kelvin says

    Congrats to her.

  5. Deji says

    Congratulations it’s God doing

  6. sonystar says

    wonderful with God everything is possible.

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    God is wonderful

  9. Tosin says

    A great miracle

  10. lad says

    God is great

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    Greatest God

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