See what a Married woman sent to a treadmill seller inorder to get a discount (Pics+Messages)

Lee Kucia, a 31 year old fitness enthusiast from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who was trying to sell a treadmill on the site Gumtree was shocked after a married woman offered S3@Xx:’ in exchange for a discount on the treadmill.  The woman inquired about the treadmill, then sent him a photo of her bum in a pair of see through tight and asks him for a discount in return for some ‘extra marital fun’.

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Confused and surprised, Lee who is currently single had to lie that he was g*y and in a relation but the woman wasn’t convinced.
Giving details about their conversation Lee said:

“The conversation started perfectly normally with her getting in touch asking if the treadmill was still for sale and trying to arrange collection. I was really pleased as I’d been hoping to get rid of it for a while as I was now using the ones at the gym so didn’t really need it.

“She kept sending more and more weird things, but whenever I thought it was getting a bit strange she would then apologise or follow it up with something normal. When she sent me a picture of her bum in the tights I didn’t know what to think, but she then apologised about it so I presumed it must have been a mistake.

Clearly I was wrong as in the end she tried to get me to knock down the price by offering me S3@Xx:’. I was quite shocked to be honest. I just thought ‘wow, I should probably avoid her. She was not put off at all by my lie that I was seeing someone so I implied I was g*y in the end – it was the only way I could be sure she got the picture that I wasn’t interested.

“I definitely won’t be selling it to her as I was left very worried by her messages about what might happen when they come round. I’m unsure how her husband could react to it all – he could be angry or happy about it and I’m not sure which is scarier.

“All my friends keep asking if I have sold her the treadmill yet. They all said the interaction reads like the start of a really bad p*rno. They thought it was hilarious. Some have been encouraging me to meet her as they say she could turn out to be beautiful. But I am not tempted at all – I have had enough weird women in my life.”

The conversation started when she texted him asking: “Hi, regarding your advert on Gumtree is the treadmill still for sale? Regards.” and then signed off with her full name.


Source: TheSunUK

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