Singer Adele Acquires New Home In Secret (Photos)

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The new hottest American singer, has acquired a new home in secret. No one knew about her new home till she is set to move into it after her tour. In her new environment, has the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie as her neighbours.


reports that plunked down $9.5 million on a 6,600 square foot home in one of the most exclusive, celebrity-populated gated communities in L.A. County. The seller was asking $9.9 million, so the singer was able to bargain a bit.

The house has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a pool, a tree house and outdoor train set.

  1. Rots says

    Congrats …….Adele..i love u

  2. koleex says


  3. Abu says

    Hmm secret but gltrends thumbs up guy

  4. Deji says

    She’s really enjoying

  5. renewed says

    Money dy speak nw

  6. amazing says

    It is now an open secret

  7. hagoBOSS says

    What do one expect than this from some1 who is heavily rich…#PowerOfMoney

  8. dopest says

    My celeb crush

  9. precious salami says

    Wao!!!! Seriously i envy this, i feel the power of money

  10. Kelvin says

    Wow, thats guud

  11. teamjesus says

    Se dem thief pepo dem wan win datz why dem dey comment everywhere even d one wey no make sensd dem go stil comment. most of dem no even get beta tin tu write dem sha wan comment. make una no go find wrk do. awon WeyRey. lol

  12. Sammie says

    menn super luxurious ….nice one

  13. chidoz says

    Beautiful home.

  14. Kwaraboi says


  15. Kwaraboi says

    More bless

  16. Kwaraboi says

    Much Money!

  17. Kwaraboi says

    Beautifull Mansion

  18. Kwaraboi says

    Really Beautifull

  19. kully says


  20. Tosin says

    This is so cool and beautiful.
    This young lady is making it big.
    I admire her a lot

  21. trexzokull says

    yeah its true she is blowing up

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