South American Immigrant Shares Photos of the Inside of an Arik Airplane, Mocks Nigeria: ‘This is the Pits!’


Yesterday, a South American immigrant working in Nigeria, shared the photos of the inside of an Arik airplane she boarded to Port Harcourt, and the upset woman had a lot of unkind things to say about the airplane and the country.

According to Laila’s Blog which first shared the pictures, the woman posted the photos on her Facebook before proceeding to narrate to her friends how midway to Port Harcourt they were redirected to a take off place because one of the passengers developed health issues caused by faulty air-conditioning.

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See the shocking photo of a seat with stained upholstery alleged to be from an Arik airplane, and see the reactions from her followers:

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However, this is not the first time passengers would be making complaints about the poor state of the popular airline, and how deteriorated the interior of their airplanes are.

What do you think?

  1. Deji says

    Nigerian is a disgrace

  2. Abu says

    They right

  3. amazing says

    Insult of the highest order

    1. lad says

      lmao bro

  4. dahsaintlekzzy says

    Government are not ready to do something about it because they have their private jets.
    Using of private jet should be stop in Nigeria till we have a good airport and airline. Because any of our senators can never seat on a sit like that and am very sure that none of them has flied with that airline before.

  5. Rots says

    m not surprised… wat of d 1 basket mouth show us

  6. renewed says

    Lolz,u taught us that

  7. akin says

    well..that is how we endure it in 9ja

  8. Tosin says

    Government are not ready to do something about it because they have their private jets. For such a well reckone organization?

  9. lad says

    oboy na wa oo

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