Unbelievable! Family Locks Woman’s Dead Body in Freezer for 3 Years Over Financial Disputes (Photos)

In what will come across as a most stunning case of disputes in recent tmes, a family has refused to bury their dead over financial misunderstanding.

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The Freezer
A man who has simply been identified as Lu, claims that his dead girlfriend’s body has been locked in a freezer at his home in Hohhot, north China, since July 2013.
According to Daily Mail, Lu says the woman’s family refuses to bury her until they are paid 300,000 Yuan (£30,000).
The freezer has been turned into a tomb for the woman, identified by her surname Cao, and the house is no longer occupied as a result.
According to reports, the couple met in 2007. Although they were never legally married, they had a wedding ceremony in front of their families in 2008.
A year later, the couple had a child. It seemed like marital bliss until 2012, when the couple began to argue. By 2013, Cao had moved back to her parents’ home.
Lu told a reporter from Sina that he tried to reach out to his ‘wife’ in April of that year but her family denied him access.
He also claims that his girlfriend’s family were introducing her to other men with the view that she could marry someone else.
But just three months later, Cao was found dead in a pond by the side of a road.
Her death, the details of which were not revealed,  was reportedly ruled an accident but Lu claims that Cao’s family decided to put her body in a freezer in his home.
According to Lu, Cao’s family set up a vigil for her in his home and locked him out. They are also said to be demanding 300,000 Yuan (£30,000) before they will allow him to bury her.
However, Cao’s mother Luo claims that her daughter was abused by Lu’s mother, a claim which Lu disputes.
Cao was also diagnosed with schizophrenia following the abuse according to Luo and had to stay in hospital for 40 days.
Luo says that the families never negotiated the burial but according to their family traditions, once a daughter is married, her own family is not allowed to bury her so they decided to store her body at Lu’s house.
According to Chinese law, if the storage of a corpse obstruct other people’s lives or livelihood, they can be legally detained for anywhere between five and 10 days.
However, if it’s a serious violation, they can be detained for 10 to 15 days and fined 1,000 Yuan (£100).
It’s likely that the family dispute will be investigated by police following the allegations.


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