1. renewed says

    Abi nw,I keep wondering o

  2. olan says

    Not ofcox

  3. Deji says

    Hehe that’s obviously

    1. Ade says

      thats a lie

  4. Abu says

    Hehe that’s not good

  5. Mosabic says

    Yes why cant they investigate obasango to

    1. lad says

      who is obasango

  6. Pelumi says

    I tink so

  7. amazing says

    You no know?

  8. mrsuced says

    hmmmmm i dont know

  9. Sammie says

    true talk…

  10. Tosin says

    They will, so far they’re now on GEJ case.

  11. BEN10 says

    No mind them…incompetent people

  12. koleex says


  13. Sharks says

    Ask dem o

  14. TRHYME says

    y will dey

  15. Ade says

    obj na grand man na

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