Four-year-old Girl Survives After Metal Bar Pierced Into Her Brain Through Her Mouth (Photos)

A four-year-old girl in China has miraculously survived after a metal iron bar pierced through her mouth and into her brain on June 17. The child from Chifeng in China’s Inner Mongolia region had been playing with the bar when the incident occurred. The girl was taken to hospital and scans revealed that the bar had penetrated her skull from behind the eye.


According to reports, the child had been playing with the metal bar which belonged to a car when the incident occurred. The girl tripped and fell, causing the iron bar to enter her mouth and become lodged in her head. Scans from the local hospital showed that the bar had entered her brain.

However the hospital was poorly equipped and unable to perform the risky removal surgery. The four-year-old was transferred to a hospital in Beijing for surgery.

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After her arrival in Beijing, she was operated on and the bar was successfully removed. The girl is currently recovering in hospital.



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  1. Joseph says

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    China Doctors are so much good. Think i will be going their for my Masters.

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