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MUST READ: I Had $ex With My Hot Cousin, Now I Am Addicted to Her – Man Cries Out

A man has cried out for help after having passionate s*x and impregnating an attractive and hot relative he started an incestuous relationship with against the wishes of his parents.

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A man who doesn’t know the right decision to make after falling for his hot cousin has shared his experience of how the incestuous act began. He pleads for advice on what he should do.
My cousin is quite a bit older than I am. She had a baby with her ex-boyfriend. I had never met her before in my life and my family rarely mentioned her. When we met, I admired her beauty. As I talked to her, we found out that we had so much in common. I spent several days hanging out with her. After she went back to her home, I missed her so much but thought it was wrong, so I did not contact her. However, I broke up with my girlfriend at that time feeling that she could not be the one. A day later, my cousin contacted me, we started talking and texting, and we just clicked like the missing pieces of our lives’ puzzle.
I while I was on vacation, she kept on emailing me every day and calling me every other day. I was really sweet to her: first, because I’m the nice guy type; second, I have never met any girl who fits me so well.
I admitted that I liked her shortly after we started talking; she said she had the same feeling, too. We thought it was wrong, so I decided to just let it go and be friends. However, we still kept in touch, and I fell back for her when I returned to school. We could communicate really well, talked for hours every week. Later on I realize I was just infatuated. My best friend warned me, but I did not listen to him and claimed that I truly love her.
Happiness lasted for several months before I gradually found out about her past. She lied to me at first about the number of her partners. Eventually, I demanded the truth and she confessed that she’s had a number of boyfriends, which she had s*x with all of them. The first one was the best boyfriend, nice to her, but she broke up with him because they could not communicate according to her. After that, she went to another country, got a fake marriage, and got forced into s*x by that guy. Her excuse is that she had little feelings for him. After that, she had several more boyfriends and had s*x with all of them. Some were people she knew, but one she only met during a trip and called him.
Then she met this guy in a chat session and ran away from home to live with that guy. Her excuse is that she was having family conflict and the guy paid for her ticket and shelter. After a few months, they mutually broke up.
One night, in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, she took off her shirt to show her brea$t to his best friend in the living room because he said he had never seen a woman’s b00bs before. I found out about this through him. She was older than him, and he was inexperienced, like me. She enlisted in the military but could not stand it, so she suggested that a guy impregnate her, and they had a baby together. He went to live with her family for a year and then she met me. She then broke up with that guy after she met me. I initially accepted her and the fact that she’s had a baby just because I thought she only had two $exual partners in her life.
However, we continued to talk for a few more months. I had hard feelings ever since and could not focus well in school. She came to my town during a holiday. We had s*x in a hotel without my family knowing. I initially did not want s*x but thought losing my virg*n*ty might help with the hard feelings. It turns out it never helped. Our family found out about us and kept me away from her. I was very heartbroken to break up with her.
However, we went back and forth, I have broken up with her like twenty times but always went back for some reason — probably the s*x. She came here two more times since. We found out that she’s pregnant with my baby a few months ago. Our relationship got worse. I started insulting her.
She says she really loves me and wants to settle down with me only. She allows me to date and have s*x with other girls while she’s waiting for me, but I could not focus at school so currently I’m blocking her number (we both agreed on this). In the week before I block her number, I didn’t talk to her, so she was upset and hung out with this guy friend she’s had for a long while, even in his room watching a movie alone together. He confessed that he had a crush on her a number of years and is willing to take care of her and the two babies. She told me she would not go for it because she does not love him. I did not believe her based on what she has done in the past. Up until today, I have not talked or texted her for number of days. I plan to resume contact when she’s in labor and check if she really has changed without me around.
My questions are:
Do you think that she is telling the truth, that she has changed, and will stay faithful to me as she has claimed? I don’t mind about the cousin thing, I broke up because I don’t accept her past.
Should I be there when she’s in labor and resume in contact with her if she really has changed?
I feel manipulated. Do you think leaving her alone at this time of pregnancy is immor*l of me?
Thank you so much.
God bless you.

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  1. mrsuced says

    he should get lust

    1. lad says

      na you go stil find am

  2. koleex says

    u’re on ur own

  3. Lawrence says

    what should i say now… u need GOD’s help, not gktrender help

  4. renewed says

    Go for deliverance o..dear

  5. cooljaay says

    now pelumi will say….nice update

  6. Niyola jamiat says

    Hmmn dis is serious o God 1st in everytin u av kip away 4rm d lady she can’t chang it is in her blood she nids deliveranc

  7. TRHYME says

    fire wey go burn una dy do press up

    1. BEN10 says

      Lol..make dem leave press up for the fire oo

  8. Segrouz says


  9. chrisomobed says

    mean dis so bad.i tink the girl needs a prayer.

  10. olan says

    Too bad

  11. Deji says

    Too bad

  12. Abu says

    Hmm abi lol

  13. renewed says

    Lolz@cooljay..too bad

  14. amazing says

    As a matter of fact you need serious beating

  15. Pelumi says

    pray to God to shw u d way

  16. Sharks says

    On your own o

  17. Tosin says

    You need ijn in ur life

  18. Tosin says

    As if u know @cool

  19. Mosabic says

    Keep it up since u guyz are not from d same womb

    1. Ade says

      you don smoke

  20. blackbones says

    Nawa oh

  21. Sammie says

    he need holy cane…

  22. BEN10 says


  23. abbey says

    Hmmmmn…the devil@work

  24. Ade says

    pray for yourself

  25. lad says

    who is to blame

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