See How BBC Mock Buhari for Going Abroad For Treatment (Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari has often stirred controversy as a political leader but one news website has attempted to stir the pot in an altogether shocking way.

The African News 24/7 website reported that the president had flown to the UK to receive treatment for an ear infection and would remain there for 10 days.

Nothing wrong there, but the website then accused the BBC of actually mocking Buhari for his illness!



The picture was posted on

The picture seems real at first glance but a closer examination proves that it’s a complete fake.

Firstly, you can see the picture of Buhari on the television screen has clearly been superimposed over a message reading ‘BREAKING NEWS’ if you check the original picture below. The remaining background clearly matches with the original picture.



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Observe the three problems with this photograph

Secondly, the green area at the bottom of the picture never appears in BBC broadcasts, and we have no idea where the pair of eyes at the right hand bottom of the screen come from!

Finally, the newsreader is wearing a red flower on her right lapel. This flower is a poppy, worn by everyone in the UK (where the BBC is based) from Novmeber 1 to November 11 to commemorate Britain’s fallen soldiers and the end of World War I.

This dates the picture to November 1-11 last year, proving the Africa News 24/7 photo is fake!

Africa News 24/7 has not commented on this fakery thus far but they hace certainly been caught out! Check out the original picture below.



The original picture




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  1. Sharks says

    They wanted to frame BBC

  2. BEN10 says


  3. amazing says

    BBC Cant do that

  4. Deji says

    They finding trouble

  5. Abu says

    Hmm BBC o

    1. Ade says

      dem funny

  6. olan says

    They should be careful

  7. renewed says

    Y cnt he treat in naija

  8. Ade says

    wu bbc epp sef

  9. Mosabic says

    I think they have a point

    1. lad says

      they actuallly have

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