Soldiers Doze Off While On Rescue Mission (Photos)

Rescuers who have been working non-stop since Thursday are pictured resting on rubble after the tornado and hail in east ‪China‬. The death toll from Thursday’s tornado that hit Funing in east China’s Jiangsu province has risen to 99, with 152 severely injured.


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PLA army soldiers, firefighters, armed police officers were dispatched to Funing, the town where houses were torn down by the tornado, on Thursday. The soldiers have been working there non-stop as rescue forces after the disaster to save more lives from the rubble.


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  2. koleex says

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  3. Liam says

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  4. Tosin says

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  5. Sharks says

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  6. amazing says

    Äctually he need the sleep but certainly not on duty

  7. Niyola jamiat says

    Lol slipin on duty if d terrorist caught dem unware nkor dey r all gone niyen

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