Jealous Lover Allegedly Attacks Her Boyfriend For “Impregnating” Another Woman (Viewers Discretion)

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This is what a young lady did to her boyfriend for allegedly impregnating another woman. She decided to destroy his life all due to her un-contained jealousy. Wealths Israel shared the pathetic story on Facebook. Read below;


Beware of whom u choose to be with. What a jealous gf did to her bf. Simply because she heard a rumour dat her bf impregnate a gf. Without finding out 4rm d guy. She came to visit d guy on dat evil day. Pretend to pass d night. At midnight wen d guy was asleep. She woke up. Bleached red oil and poured it closely to d guy face and body. Then she ran away. She is nowhere to b found. Wat a wicked heart. Dis is not tel me I tel u. I knw dem and I have seen them together havin fun,playin. Smilin and even eating together.



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  1. Ogunleke teslim opeyemi says

    This life I s full of shit, demons walking around in form of human. GOD protection is the best.

  2. Olagunju Opeyemi S says

    Hmm great lesson for we men o, Just be careful who we choose to be with

  3. Lawal oladotun says

    Hmm,trust no body,is good to be jealous,but over jealous is too bad

  4. Yusuf zainab oluwatosin says

    Some people are just wicked and heartless…this is so pathetic!!! But I wish the guy a quick recovery

  5. Jonathan kefas says

    The woman harsh, anyway serves him right

  6. Adeniyi Muhammad Adebayo says

    Haha she’s just really jealous you know that

  7. Adeniyi Abubakar Deji says

    She must have really loved her husband then

  8. Sanni lateef says

    And now, see how he’s being fed.. Wicked soul

  9. Samson sinda auta says

    Mehn this girl harsh, imagine what she do to some she was loving…. Is she innocent in all area too

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