Please Help! I Am Married, But I Can’t Resist My Hot Co-worker

A married woman has cried out for help after finding out that she has fallen in love with a hot colleague of hers.

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I’m in a relationship of 8 years and have two children with a man that I used to be deeply in love with.
In the beginning relationship with this man things were great as the relationship progressed and as the years went by things between us are not the same anymore. He is a great father and person, I still do love him but I am not in love with him anymore.
I feel as though we have drifted apart and we have nothing in common.
However, there is another man in my life that I confide in that is my best friend and a co worker, it feels as though he is my sole mate. He makes me happy and knows everything about me and over the years I have fallen in love with him.
The feeling is very mutual but he is also married and not happy. I am deeply in love with him and I know there is nothing else in the world that would make me happier then to be with him forever. Even if it means losing everything that I have worked for and I had to live on the side of the street in a cardboard box I would still be happy with this man.
I have been on this forum for quite a while now and I really would appreciate if you guys share your thoughts on what i should do. Is it advisable to leave my family for this guy or I should be stuck in this marriage?
Thanks All

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  1. amazing says

    But you are married and i cant advice you to divorce your husband for another

  2. Deji says

    Lies o

  3. olan says

    Just pray

  4. Abu says

    Tough one

  5. Niyola jamiat says

    U better fall in luv wif ur husband leavin him 4anoda person ll shatter ur life so far ur husband still luvs u u av no prob

  6. Lauretta says

    My dear stick to ur marriage nd mk it work,d only reason tins r goin on well with d oda guy is bcos u r virtually givin ur all 2 it nd two of u try nt to hurt each oda. Bsidess av u checked why he is nt happy n his marriage. If it means u av 2 quit ur job nd stay away Frm him u beta do so.

  7. Sammie says

    d answers is in ur hands so just resist d temptation

  8. mustapha says

    kill ur first husband and pack ur children to d next man u fall in love with .

    1. Ade says

      Aaah! Nawa too you oooo

    2. Sam says

      omg, lol, lmao, WTF, like WTactualF is wrong with you , lol

  9. Dotman says

    That means ur a prostitute b4

  10. abbey says

    Stop that shit with other men…

  11. abbey says

    What type of advise is [email protected]

  12. Dotman says

    [email protected] that’s smhw harsh…uhard gain o..lkwd

  13. Ogunleke teslim opeyemi says

    U have to leave wia U work and make your marriage work, that’s what is going to last U.

  14. Sharks says

    Then u nid deliverance

  15. teamjesus says

    U not ready 4 marrage

  16. Ade says

    Hahahaahah…. tell your husband to be as hot as he is

    1. cynthia says

      you were once in love with ya hubby and for 8yrs that love lasted…how long do you think you can last wit this co worker? what made him unhappy in his marriage cos clearly you became unhappy because he came into your life,you suddenly realize that you’ve fallen out of love with your hubby of 8yrs…..make your marriage work dearie

  17. Liam says

    Just break up ur marital life and go with ur co-worker

  18. Tosin says

    Chai! Its his/her stimulating appearance. Pray to God.

    1. Abu says

      Yup @tosin

    2. Deji says

      Yup @tosin

    3. olan says

      Yup @tosin

    4. Sam says

      i go swear for this deji guy he dey always type thrice, that one no dey vex me , but the thing wey dey vex me say na the same message wtf

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