Check Out Top 10 Quotes Of Father Mbaka From The Past Two Weeks

When God speaks to Father Mbaka about Nigeria, he goes all out to give us explicit details of his revelations. Many times, he adds a bit of his own notions and still dishes it without fear.

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Father Mbaka
Controversial Catholic priest and pro-Buhari pundit, Father Mbaka has a message for his religious followers and essentially, the rest of us.
Below are 10 points from his message we think you should pay attention to:
1. “Our past leaders succeeded in removing the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular systems of this country, and paralysed the neurological organs and handed over to Buhari… Nigeria right now, economically and security wise, is in the intensive care unit. If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will go.”
Shall we all say a prayer that Nigeria will not go? Where is she going?
2. “God has told us that Buhari is a prayer answered. President Buhari is an answered prayer. Whether you hate him or whether you like him, Buhari is a prayer answered.”
What a spiritual confusion!
3. “President Buhari is a man for all, he means good for this country, and we owe him support; unalloyed support, consistent support, perennial support, unstoppable support, spiritual and otherwise.”
Does anyone know any other type of support we can give to the President? Please come forward with a suggestion.
4. “If President Buhari is not the man on the helm of affairs now, had it been the last regime continued, by now Nigeria will be for sale. Who will buy?”
Valid question: Who will buy Nigeria? On what market is she being displayed for sale? Who knows?
5. “Many people are planning, as it is revealed to kill President Buhari. There are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption will continue, so that quantum embezzlement will continue”
We should take this one very seriously.
6. “Our past…not our past leaders, our past looters, you may not understand, looters, embezzlers pissed on the political positions, have eaten the cake of this country, and we are suffering it.”
Can somebody please help us beg our “past looters” to vomit this country’s cake. We cannot continue to suffer.
7. “If our youths are well employed, kidnapping will go. Kidnapping was a child of the past administration. They delivered that ugly baby, and that baby resembled them”
This baby called kidnapping, let’s pray hard that he does not grow into an adult.
8. “All the money voted for road constructions were swindled, eaten. Many of them became millionaires, billionaires in Naira, in Dollars, in Pounds, in Euro. Billionaires, when they have no workshop, no business centre. Somebody who has nothing he’s doing, yet he’s a billionaire, because he’s a politician.”
Let’s all be politicians so we can be doing nothing and be turning billionaires in all the currencies.
9. “My beloved Nigerians, those who need us from last year downwards, they have killed the country. None of them is qualified to stay in this country by now.”
Can we please show these people the way out of this country?
10. “Go ahead and war against evil. President Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. President Buhari, God and his people are behind you. You are the answers of the prayer of his people.”
And we have it, the final word!
Credits: Y! Naija
  1. Oluwatosin Oluwasegun Adetona says

    Father Father, please pray for our country this hard times things must change.

  2. Zakariya suleiman says

    Nice one from him well that just the fact and what Nigeria is facing right now


    I love This quotes he sure is a man of God I rilli like This man


    He is fearless and strong thats another reason I like him

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