Help! My Husband Is Asking Me To Kill Our Fifth Child – Woman Cries Out

A woman has shared a rather shocking story about the unbelievable thing her husband is asking her to do.

The woman shared her story on break_or_make up where she told stunned readers about her husband’s desire for her to kill their unborn baby.
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According to her, she is pregnant with their fifth child but the man is already complaining that he already has too many kids.
He is now asking her to abort the pregnancy.
Below is how she put the story:

    Wonder Shall never end

  2. Yusuf Abdulhamid Dangogo says

    This not funny at all just keep praying hard

  3. Abubakar deji says

    That man must be so sick in the head then just imagine

  4. Zakariya suleiman says

    Woman your husband is a devil, don’t listen to him

  5. Samson Sinda Auta says

    Why most it be you, if he don’t like the child, he should do it him self.

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