Our Rio Stars Are Out Of Line, Flags Furious China

Our Rio Stars Are Out Of Line, Flags Furious China


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Most of the five stars on the Chinese flags being used at medal ceremonies at the Rio Olympics are misaligned, officials said, prompting a diplomatic protest and online fury.
Chinese internet users were quick to detect a “plot” against the world’s most populous country, which came second in the medals table at London 2012, and branded the Brazilian organisers the “worst ever”.

The Chinese flag features one large star — representing the Communist Party — half surrounded by four smaller stars tilted to point toward the centre of the bigger one. But the small stars on the Rio flags, including the one lifted by Chinese fencer Lei Sheng at the opening ceremony Friday, all point upwards.


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  1. Zakariya says

    Hmmmmm what this supose to mean, hope all is well

  2. Samson sinda auta says

    I don’t really understand this place woooo, imagine.

  3. Oluwatosin Oluwasegun Adetona says

    China should sue the Rio Olympic organisers if possible, no need getting angry over the stars.

  4. Yusuf Abdulhamid Dangogo says

    Well lets hope it won’t cause b gherkins problems later

  5. Chyyy says

    The stars are not faulty but Rio organizers

  6. Solomon says

    Chinese are very good in times of sport,so chinese love sport very very well,chinese should sue them

  7. Olabiwonnu Abiodun says

    They should just remain calm and bear with them

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