Please Help! A Prostitute I Gave Incredible S*x is Now In Love With Me…What Should I Do

A man has asked for help after a prostitute he had incredible s*x with has sheepishly fallen in love with him.

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I really need help. I met a pretty lady at a night club and I like her so much. So, I asked her out after introducing myself and to my surprise, she accepted. This girl is everything a man wants and she has an incredible body.
The way I handled her in bed was so good that this girl has started disturbing my life. Every opportunity, she is calling me to know if I am in the house. She keeps telling me that no man has handled her the way I did. She tells me she loves me. But I don’t believe her.
I have a problem. I found out that she is a prostitute and almost all my friends know her. She sells her body for money and that is a total turn off. She says she’s in love with me and has been to my house a couple of times. The s*x was out of this planet. I don’t have any feelings for her because she is a prostitute, but I enjoy the s*x because she knows how to do it very well.
What should I do, she is pestering my life with calls and love messages. She’s not someone I can marry because almost all my friends have slept with her. What do I do?

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  1. omoalhaja says

    forget abt ur friends that have sleep with her. everyone has there own past and u can change her life for good,even what some girls are doing worsen than that prostitute,to me there is nothing wrong if she can stop her wayward life she lives

  2. Zakariya suleiman says

    Hmmmmm this is Really serious things they Really happen for this world

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