Unbelievable! Man Goes Into Rage After Catching His Friend & Teenage Sister Having S*x

A man has done a most shocking thing after catching his sister inside a car having s*x with his friend.

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An 18-year-old man has been left totally shocked after he caught his sister having s*x inside a parked car with his friend. The angry man who couldn’t believe his eyes attacked the pair beating them mercilessly.
H-Metro reports that the incident came to light at the Chitungwiza magistrates’ court in Zimbabwe where Tanaka Majongwa pleaded guilty to assault charges after attacking his sister Takudzwa.
Chitungwiza magistrate Nyasha Marufu will pronounce the sentence. Tanaka revealed before the court that he overreacted because he was not expecting what he saw.

“My sister is still very young and what I saw her doing with my friend prompted me to act in the way that I did.

“They were taking drugs and having s*x in the car, I wasn’t expecting that from my friend as well because I assumed he saw her as his little sister,” he said.
The State, led by Tatenda Mukatera proved that on August 1 at around 11pm, Tanaka Majongwa saw a Toyota Camry vehicle which was parked outside their house.
As he approached to see who was inside, the court heard that Tanaka was surprised to see his sister Takudzwa intimate with one of his friends. This did not go down well with Tanaka, who then assaulted Takudzwa using his hands.

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  1. Oluwatosin Oluwasegun Adetona says

    Damn it, I don’t even wish to be involved in such a situation.

  2. Zakariya suleiman says

    Hahahahaha this is realy funny indeed, this is serious

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